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Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drives Variable Frequency Drives from Numatic Engineering

Numatic Engineering and Mitsubishi Electronics partner together for the manufacturing and distribution for variable frequency drives. We are your leading source of electronic automation in Southern and Central California. We provide a wide variety of variable frequency drives guaranteed to fit your most difficult applications from the world’s leading manufacturer of CPU’s. Mitsubishi VFD’s model will perform the work and keep your operations humming smoothly.

Mitsubishi VFD Products:

  • PowerGate HVAC Controller
  • A500 Series
  • A700 Series
  • A701 Series
  • D700 Series
  • E500 Series
  • E700 Series
  • F700 Series
  • S500 Series
  • V500 Drives

All Mitsubishi variable frequency drives are easy to use and program. They possess a compact footprint, allowing for spacing savings and many have plug and play compatibility. Mitsubishi VFD’s focus on reliability and ease of use as their number one goal all while keeping the price point at an economic level. When selecting the correct variable frequency drive, there are many considerations. Contact our application engineering personnel for assistance. We have specified thousands of VFD’s in our 30 years of selling them.

Mitsubishi VFD Considerations:

  • Horsepower Range
  • Voltage Range
  • Control Algorithm
  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Communications
  • Brake Transitor
  • Brake Resistor
  • EMC Filter
  • DC Reactor
  • Safety Stop Function
  • Communication Ports
  • Plug-in Option Ports
  • Operator Interface
  • Alpha/Numeric Keypad Option
  • Alarm History

Application Engineering ties in with Numatic Engineering’s distribution of these products. Variable frequency drives can in some cases be specified in place of servo motors using the position control module. AC motor speed control technology has advanced significantly over the years so contact our application engineering personnel to see how Numatic Engineering can help save you money on your next application.

Mitsubishi VFD Available Options:

  • PID Control
  • Sink or Source Control Logic
  • Magnetic Flux Vector Control
  • Adaptive Auto-Tuning
  • Velocity Control Mode
  • Open Loop Torque Control
  • Positioning Control Mode
  • Brake Transistor Circuits
  • Integral Radio Filters
  • Remote I/O Capabilities
  • USB Ports
  • Safety Stop Compliance
  • Optimum Excitation Control
  • Open Network Communications
  • Single Phase Inputs
  • Overvoltage Avoidance
  • Windmill Starts

With the many various options and models on variable frequency drives, we can help you select the most appropriate drive for your application. We pair with OEMs and end-users to find the right product. For more information on Numatic Engineering products, contact us! To schedule an exclusive training session for your company or to visit our facilities, call 800-AIR-CYLS.