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Hydraulic & Air Cylinders

pneumatic air cylinders

Numatic Engineering is a premier distributor of air and hydraulic cylinder products including industry standard round line cylinders, rodless air cylinders, compact cylinders, rotary actuators and tie rod cylinders. We work with our OEMs and end-users to find the exact products to best suit their needs. We sell solutions, not just products. That’s why most of our actuators are available in custom configurations to meet your exact design criteria. With over fifty years of experience in pneumatic automation components, we can help you determine which solution will fit your application.

Standard Actuators

Standard cylinders are used to provide linear movement for a variety of applications. Cylinder solutions are available as single-acting (spring return or spring extend) or double-acting operational models. A variety of optional features are available including, double rod end, air cushions, rubber bumpers, low break away, non-rotating and numerous other styles are available. Body styles include crimped, threaded, and tie rod construction that meet NFPA mounting configurations and dimensional standards.

Compact Cylinders or Actuators

Compact air cylinders function in a similar manner as a basic air cylinder and offer the same optional features. However compact cylinders are low in profile and require minimal height, allowing for precise, direct mounting in the least amount of space possible. Compact cylinder body styles include square or round designs.

Specialty and Engineered Actuators

Numatic Engineering’s suppliers offer custom solutions for applications that cannot be solved utilizing standard actuators. We distribute a variety of custom actuators including, Load Stopping, “Guided”, Special Rod Lengths or Threads, low temperature, high temperature, made from Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum and “Non-Metallic” materials. Many of our OEM customers require “application specific” shapes that are non-conventional. With our 50+ years of application experience Numatic Engineering can assist your engineering staff to help specify a specialty actuator solution.

Hydraulic Actuators

Numatic Engineering distributes hydraulic cylinders offering an array of bore sizes, stroke lengths and features. Hydraulic cylinders are designed with aluminum, steel and stainless steel construction and in all NFPA configurations. Pressure ratings from 250 – 5000 PSI


Numatic Engineering offers a large selection of accessories to further compliment our complete line of linear and rotary actuators.

Optional Products:

For more information regarding air and hydraulic cylinders from Southern and Central California’s premier resource for actuators, contact Numatic Engineering! We are here to be of service to you. Or for assistance in ordering air cylinder products, including rodless air cylinder options, contact us at 800-AIR-CYLS 800-(247-2957) or click here to fill out our online form.