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Air Line Preparation

Numatic Engineering knows the importance of proper compressed air treatment. We have a complete breadth of products, including compressed air filters, regulators, lubricators and coalescing filters. These products are necessary to take raw compressed air and treat it, resulting in a clean, reliable energy source. We understand the advanced technology and products used within air line preparation and provide solutions that will work for your most challenging applications. Without proper air line preparation, an array of problematic situations will occur so it is important to choose the right air line preparation system.

Air-Line Contamination Issues:

  • Blocked orifices
  • Seal compatibility
  • Pipe scale and rust
  • Assembly debris
  • Contaminated lubricants

Numatic Engineering teams up with SMC and Watts to bring you air line preparation products including compressed air filters, vacuum regulators and coalescing filters. We can help you determine the best air line preparation products to utilize. We’ll give you the facts of price vs. performance and help you decide where to best install in your system for ultimate effectiveness. We are able to take on your specific challenge and recommend the right product and solution for you whether you need a 40 micron air filter for typical filtration or a 0.3 micron filter which is used in more demanding applications.

Air-Line Treatment Products:

  • After Coolers
  • Refrigerated Air Dryers
  • Plant Filtration Systems
  • Desiccant Dryers
  • Membrane Dryers
  • Point of Use Filtration
  • Water Separators
  • Auto Drains
  • Regulators
  • Vacuum Regulators
  • Lubricators
  • Injection Lubricators

Both plant filtration systems and point-of-use filtration systems use coalescing filter technology. Like standard filters, these products remove debris and other contaminating particles from the air compressors. However, a coalescing filter incorporates a sub-micron filter element removing unwanted solids, oils, or contaminated moisture from the airlines that standard filters simply cannot remove.

Numatic Engineering works with an extremely large range of air-line preparation products, we can provide the clean dry air necessary to achieve the peak performance you require reducing costly maintenance and downtime. For more information regarding our air line preparation products including compressed air filters and coalescing filters, contact us or call us at 800-AIR-CYLS to find out how we can help.