Altech Busbar System for miniature Circuit Breakers

Save Time, Space and Money with Altech Busbars

Altech Busbar Terminal Blocks

The Altech Busbar System is an innovative way to jumper up to 57 poles of Manual Motor Controllers (MMC) and Supplementary Protectors (SP).

Some of the advantages of these busbar systems include:

  • 30% Installation time savings

  • Panel space savings

  • Reduced maintenance

  • High electrical ratings

Catalog Downloads

UL489 Busbar System

Cuttable UL489 Busbar System

Altech UL489 cuttable Busbar Systems

Cuttable UL508 / UL1077 Busbar

Cuttable UL508 UL1077 Busbar System

The universal UL489 Busbar fits most UL489 Miniature Circuit Breakers in the market

  • Ratings of up to 115A
  • UL listed for use with most competitor’s UL 489 Miniature Circuit Breakers

The universal UL1077/508 Busbar fits most Supplementary Protectors and Manual Motor Controllers

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