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Aluminum Extrusions: Industrial Erector Sets

Numatic Engineering partners with 80/20 Inc. to provide you with the original "Industrial Erector Set". No one produces more structural aluminum framing in the US than 80/20 Inc. Located in Indianapolis Indiana, 80/20 process, machines, packages and ships most orders in 24-48 hours. Numatic Engineering will design a custom solution 80/20 to your exact specifications in a CAD format, create a formal quote, and build the entire assembly in house. Numatic Engineering and 80/20 Inc. brings you the right solution even when it seems there is no option available.

What Do You Want to Build Today?

We encourage our customers to think outside of the box, looking for the what if…… unique ideas that can be built into a reality. With 80/20 Inc and the "Industrial Erector Set" the only limitation is your imagination. Ask to see the 80/20 Van & Gurney Demonstration program onsite which enables us to visit your worksite and demonstrate what structural aluminum framing can do for you!

Aluminum Framing Uses:

  • Handrails
  • Carts
  • Tables
  • Benches
  • Machine Guarding & Bases
  • Robot Safety Enclosures
  • Robotic Fixtures
  • Clean Room Structure
  • Workstation Desks
  • Display Cases
  • Bookracks
  • Specialty Fixtures

At Numatic Engineering, we believe in the products we sell. Our facility utilizes 80/20 aluminum framing throughout our entire establishment; even our picture frames are created using these quality aluminum products! The industrial erector set can be utilized as a base for machine vision sensors and as the overall structure for any robotic system. Entire clean room frames can be built using this product. We work with your exact measurements either fractional or metric to create a product that will fit anywhere and in almost any environment.

T-Slotted Framing Benefits:

  • No welding, priming or painting
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Utilizes standard or metric fasteners
  • Only simple hand tools required for assembly
  • Dimensions easily reconfigured for design changes
  • Low cost materials and assembly
  • Changes easily made through AutoCAD software

HT Series™ Framing Benefits:

  • Reduced engineering time
  • No welding, grinding, sanding, painting or priming
  • Lightweight—lighter than “Uni-Strut”
  • Can be integrated with T-Slot framing
  • No costly fabrication equipment needed
  • Changes easily made through AutoCAD software

Industrial erector sets can handle heavy equipment and it absorbs the vibration in machines to smooth out your operation. Advanced technology in the core structure makes machines run with less of an impact, which makes aluminum framing a perfect structure hold for all forms of equipment, e.g. machine vision sensors and robotics. 80/20 utilizes AutoCAD drawings which makes the process more flexible and cost effective. You can immediately change the dimensions of your design. By utilizing the AutoCAD software, customers are able to be self-sufficient in adjusting the aluminum framing design on their own.

Numatic Engineering helps you pull it all together with 80/20 Inc. Utilize aluminum framing for all your robotic or manufacturing needs and think outside the box with aluminum benches, bookcases and workstations. Contact us for more information or call us at 800-AIR-CYLS to request a Van & Gurney Demonstration today!