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Value-add "Assembly Manufacturing"

UL508 Certified Panel Fabrication

For the past 50 years both OEMs and end-users have partnered with us for their assembly manufacturing needs. With the goal of lowering their overhead costs, reducing inventory, and streamlining operations. Assembly services typically consist of control panel design & build, terminal block assemblies, custom labeling, component assembly, kitting, cable harnesses or variable frequency drives in a control panel. We are UL-508 certified, should your assembly require it. These are just a sample of the many customized services we provide. 

Assembly Manufacturing Services

  • Control Panel Design, Build and Test
  • Control System Specification and design
  • Terminal Strip Assemblies and Labeling
  • Custom Labeling and Packaging
  • Pneumatic Component Assemblies
  • Kitting and Bagging
  • Wiring and Cable Harnesses
  • Documentation in AutoCAD
  • Aluminum Framing Design, CAD Drawings and Assembly

Assembly Manufacturing Benefits

  • Lowers Overhead Costs
  • Re-allocate labor resources
  • Reduces Inventory
  • Streamlines Operations

Value Add – “Build to Order”

“Build to Order” is another way of saying we sell solutions, not just parts. So “Build to Order” is the process of assembling the items you want from our inventory into the configuration you need.  Additionally we can create one part number to the assembly for ease of ordering and receiving all saving you time, it’s what we do.

We partner with our customers to provide solutions for your complex and diverse applications. We work with you to design and assemble your sub-assemblies, combining our over 50 years of experience to your designs. We cater our value-added services to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a terminal strip, aluminum framing, programmable controls we can help you master the details and maximize the capabilities of new and existing technology.

Contact us for more information regarding our Assembly Manufacturing services for pneumatic components and electronic automation products. Let Numatic Engineering Value-add Services help keep your resources focused on your company’s core business.