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Phoenix Contact Automation

Automation & Industrial Ethernet

Numatic Engineering partners with Phoenix Contact for an extensive range of automation products for all aspects of an Ethernet-based automation solution.

Numatic Engineering is your automation control specialist. We have built our reputation over the past 55 years through our vast product knowledge, world-class suppliers, application support and value added services. Phoenix Contact began over 80 years ago in Germany and has since built their company to be a world-wide success. They are innovators in industrial, electrical, and electronic technology producing a variety of products including programmable controllers, safety relays, industrial Ethernet, and surge protection.

The Phoenix Contact industrial Ethernet automation line includes:

  • Managed and Un-Managed switches
  • Routers
  • Ethernet I/O
  • PoE/Power over Ethernet
  • Network Management Software
  • Ethernet/IP Configuration Tools
  • Ethernet Gateways and Device Servers

Additionally Phoenix offers programmable controllers and the new control platform called nanoLine®. Phoenix Contact products are the most innovative and advanced industrial control application solutions on the market. Their solutions are cost effective and reliable, ensuring you receive the best products, from single components to fully-integrated systems. All products are designed to industrial specifications to ensure reliability under the most adverse conditions.

Unmanaged Switches
Unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches which require no configuration and are often ideal for small, simple networks.

Managed Switches
Managed switches give you more control over your network. Assign an IP address to your managed switch and then remotely monitor and administer both your network and the functions of the switch.

Routers, VPN and Firewall
Protect your Ethernet network from unwanted traffic with a secure firewall router. The added VPN functionality allows you to securely communicate to your devices over the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Ethernet I/O
Make easy and reliable connections of input and output signals, be they digital, analog or a special function, to an industrial Ethernet network.

Power Over Ethernet
Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables the common transmission of power and data in the industrial environment over Ethernet to devices such as wireless access points, IP telephones and IP cameras.

Network Management Software
Network Management Software for startup, operation and maintenance of Industrial Ethernet networks.

EtherNet/IP Configuration Tools
Simple freeware to configure switches and I/O for EtherNet/IP applications and a library of function blocks for use with third-party controllers.

Ethernet Gateways and Device Servers
Connect Interbus systems and RS232/485 networks to Industrial Ethernet.

Wireless Ethernet
Industrial Ethernet WLAN products developed especially for use in tough environments

Phoenix Contact Automation Solutions:

Industrial Ethernet Options
Phoenix contact designs all industrial Ethernet products to fit the stringent industrial specifications of the various markets they service. Available options: Unmanaged Switches, Managed Switches, Routers VPN and Firewall, Ethernet I/O, Power Over Ethernet, Network Management Software, EtherNet/IP Configuration Tools, Ethernet Gateways and Device Servers, Wireless Ethernet

I/O System Options
I/O Systems create the connection input to and output from your control system. Available options: IP 20 I/O (Control Panel) Inline, IP 67 I/O (Machine Mount) Fieldline, Wireless Extensions to I/O Systems

Controller Options
From PC options to embedded controllers and durable HMI displays, Phoenix Contact creates a wide range of controllers and programmable controllers to fit your most challenging applications. Available options: Interface Boards, Embedded Controllers, Industrial PC’s, HMI Operator Panels

Software Options
Phoenix Contact has reliable and cost effective software to compliment a variety of automation products. Available options: Steeplechase VLC, Think and Do 8.0, PC Worx, Network Management Software, EtherNet/IP Configuration Tools

nanoLine® Options
Phoenix Contact’s new control platform is the nanoLine®. It allows for flexible modular configurations and simple design programming. Basic applications are more often requiring some form of connectivity and the nanoLine® provides that in a simple, yet competitive way. With a variety of options available, design your product with only the applicable parts needed in your challenging application.

For more information regarding Numatic Engineering or our distribution of Phoenix Contact automation, contact us. Call us at 800-AIR-CYLS to receive answers to your automation questions, today! Numatic Engineering is your motion control specialist. We have applicable knowledge towards all our world-class suppliers’ products. We will apply our special Assembly Manufacturing and Application Engineering services towards your design to find the correct electronic automation solution for you!