Balluff BOS 21M Photoelectric Sensor Family with IO-Link

Red light sensor in rugged metal housings

The BOS 21M photoelectric sensor family with IO-Link offers you a variety of application possibilities, including those in harsh industrial environments. That is because their rugged metal housing delivers both IP67 and IP69K protection and Ecolab approval.

Photoelectric Sensor Features

  • Highly visible red light for easy alignment
  • IO-Link V1.1 with 38.4 kBit/s (COM2)
  • Simple adjustment via potentiometer
  • Function indicator and contamination indicator via LED
  • Convenient rotating connector
  • Ecolab approved

The sensors are ideal for detecting objects of any kind. For example, they detect cartons on a conveyor belt as easily as they check parts for presence.

Setup and maintenance is conveniently provided by the potentiometer, indicator options and a rotating connector. The highly visible red light makes the sensor easy to align. And the IO-Link interface gives you the traditional IO-Link benefits: simple installation and easy diagnostics. The universal form factor and various function principles mean you can use the sensor very flexibly. 

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