Balluff IO-Link Network Modules

IO-Link enables bidirectional communication on any fieldbus network from the control level down to the field device (sensor, actuator).

What is IO-Link
What is IO-Link
With an IO-Link master you can connect a variety of different IO-Link devices. Multiple IO-Link masters can be networked together over all commonly used fieldbuses.

The development of the distributed modular I/O architecture has lowered the cost per point of the controls design and has reduced the time to integrate. Analog-to-digital conversion occurs at the sensor, not at the bus coupler or controller, eliminating headaches associated with analog wiring.

The distributed modular I/O architecture utilizes the vendor-neutral industrial standard, IO-Link (, which allows for easy, universal, smart devices to be integrated. It uses low-cost standard M12 4-wire unshielded cables which help keep the cost of communication low even while maintaining noise immunity. By implementing a master/slave relationship, up to 8 devices can be connected to one address of an industrial network. Distributed modular I/O architectures are IP67 which means they provide I/O that is machine mounted and can withstand all but the most hostile industrial environments in non-hazardous applications.

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