Pneumatic Flow Control

Why does my new air double-acting cylinder stutter when it extends? It’s not likely the lubrication… this can be fixed quickly with proper positioning of the flow controls as “Meter-In” vs “Meter-Out.”   You figured out all the pneumatic actuators and air valves for your new project and now you need to make sure you get […]

Visualize Cobot Status

Configurable LED Stack Light

See, hear, and transmit cobot status with configurable stack lights. Stack lights improve the cobot’s feedback process since stack lights can be understood at a glance, can be seen from a distance, and include visual, audio, and digital messages. Stack lights have helped our customers reduce downtime and improve worker efficiency. WAGO IO Link Master […]

Plug-and-Play Cobot Conveyor Control

Program In- and Out-Feed Conveyors via the Cobot Tablet Plug-and-Play The conveyor’s motor includes a driver that connects directly to the digital I/O of UR’s cobot controller.  All of the driver’s settings are then available to the cobot’s program without PLC programming or industrial networking protocols. Control Your Conveyor from Your UR Robot QC Conveyors’ […]

Best-Practice for Choosing an Air Solenoid Valve

Knowing How to Choose an Air Solenoid Valve Can Improve Pneumatic System Safety: As a design engineer with the task of selecting solenoid air valves for your new machine, there are many things to consider: what port size do I need? what voltage? individual valves or on a manifold? I thought I would share this […]