Bimba AIROS Air Preparation

Complete Air Preparation with Bimba’s AIROS™ Family Bimba’s AIROS air preparation product family merges the existing MG (formerly MFD) series with the brand-new PG Series to provide an extensive line of filters, regulators, lubricators, and accessories for all your air preparation needs. PG series models bring added versatility to the existing AIROS family, with new […]

Troubleshooting Pneumatic Systems: Leaking Manifold Valves

Pneumatic Maintenance Situation A machine operator running an automated assembly machine notices air leaking from the exhaust port of a 5-station valve manifold and notifies the maintenance team. A maintenance technician does confirm that compressed air is constantly leaking from the one of the exhaust ports of the valve manifold. He shuts off the main […]