SMC Vacuum Gripper Unit for Collaborative Robots

Plug and Play with: UR3(e), UR5(e), UR10(e), UR16(e) Operate by Simply connecting 1 compressed air supply tube and an electrical wiring M8 connector. Integrated vacuum ejector, air supply/release valve, pressure sensor and cups Standards: Conforming to ISO9409-1-50-M6 URCap – Plug and Play software incorporated with the teaching pendant.

Pneumatic Position Control

Situation: Your rodless air cylinder needs to move to mid-position repeatably. The air cylinder hits a mid-point sensor and tries to stop. It continues to slowly move and eventually does stop. That will not work for this application. For this application on this new machine, I need the rodless cylinder to stop at mid-position +/- […]

Industry 4.0 with SMC IO-Link Products

Expand Your Communications to the Lowest Level Sensors with SMC Fieldbus & Serial Interface Products. Constantly optimize your production processes with IO-Link compatible products from SMC. IO-Link is the first standardized I/O technology worldwide (IEC 61131-9) for communication with sensors and actuators. Use a point-to-point connection (no bus couplers or conditioning modules) to an IO-Link master (see below) […]

SMC Pneumatics for Packaging

SMC products support efficient automation for beverage processing and packaging appilcations. They feature hygienic and environment resistant designs, with energy savings and safety in mind. Industries: Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics SMC has Energy-Efficient Solutions for all your Packaging Processes: Filling and Sealing: Products and materials compliant with your process ensure product & process hygienic conditions. […]

10 Fluid Power Lessons You Don’t Learn in School

By Charles J. Murray, Senior Technical Editor Reprinted from Design News Completing engineering school doesn’t make you an expert – at least in fluid power. Here’s some of the most common fluid power mistakes most courses never cover, and how to avoid them. Face it: If you were educated in a four-year mechanical engineering curriculum, […]

Troubleshooting Pneumatic Systems: Leaking Manifold Valves

Pneumatic Maintenance Situation A machine operator running an automated assembly machine notices air leaking from the exhaust port of a 5-station valve manifold and notifies the maintenance team. A maintenance technician does confirm that compressed air is constantly leaking from the one of the exhaust ports of the valve manifold. He shuts off the main […]

Best-Practice for Choosing an Air Solenoid Valve

Knowing How to Choose an Air Solenoid Valve Can Improve Pneumatic System Safety: As a design engineer with the task of selecting solenoid air valves for your new machine, there are many things to consider: what port size do I need? what voltage? individual valves or on a manifold? I thought I would share this […]

Metal that Vacuum and Grippers Can’t

Handle with Reliability, with Safety, and Reduce Cycle Time. SMC Corporation of America, a premier partner of Numatic Engineering, has joined Universal Robots’ UR+ program, launching the new UR+ certified MHM Series Magnetic Gripper capable of absorbing a great variety of ferromagnetic pieces, with different geometries and properties. SMC’s MHM-X6400 Magnetic Gripper In applications where vacuum […]