10 Fluid Power Lessons You Don’t Learn in School

By Charles J. Murray, Senior Technical Editor Reprinted from Design News Completing engineering school doesn’t make you an expert – at least in fluid power. Here’s some of the most common fluid power mistakes most courses never cover, and how to avoid them. Face it: If you were educated in a four-year mechanical engineering curriculum, […]

Troubleshooting Pneumatic Systems: Leaking Manifold Valves

Pneumatic Maintenance Situation A machine operator running an automated assembly machine notices air leaking from the exhaust port of a 5-station valve manifold and notifies the maintenance team. A maintenance technician does confirm that compressed air is constantly leaking from the one of the exhaust ports of the valve manifold. He shuts off the main […]

Pneumatic Flow Control

Why does my new air double-acting cylinder stutter when it extends? It’s not likely the lubrication… this can be fixed quickly with proper positioning of the flow controls as “Meter-In” vs “Meter-Out.”   You figured out all the pneumatic actuators and air valves for your new project and now you need to make sure you get […]