Control Cabinet UPS – WAGO PRO2 Power Supplies

IIoT Ready: Continuous monitoring of all data and values of your system’s power supply Class-Leading Features of PRO 2 Power Supplies Intelligent load management that supplies150% power for 5 s (TopBoost), and up to 600% output current for 15 ms (PowerBoost) Extreme reliability even in adverse conditions. Heat, cold, and altitude have little impact on […]

Visualize Cobot Status

Configurable LED Stack Light

See, hear, and transmit cobot status with configurable stack lights. Stack lights improve the cobot’s feedback process since stack lights can be understood at a glance, can be seen from a distance, and include visual, audio, and digital messages. Stack lights have helped our customers reduce downtime and improve worker efficiency. WAGO IO Link Master […]

Machine Monitoring Made Simple

Controller with MTConnect Adapter Harvests Machine Data The primary purpose of machine monitoring is to improve equipment performance and enable predictive maintenance to prevent downtime.