CNC Machine Tending Kit

The Machine Tending Copilot offers you all the software capabilities needed for your machine tending applications.

The CNC Machine Tending Kit is a Robotiq product that bundles two Hand-E grippers, two sets of Fingertips Extender, two sets of 2F- 85 Fingertips Conversion Kit and optionally, the Wrist Camera. On the software side, this kit includes the Machine Tending Copilot.

This kit aims to streamline machine tending applications by installing two grippers on a single robot, which reduces cycle time for pick and place operations. Moreover, the CNC Machine Tending Kit leverages Robotiq Copilot software to create robot programs that self- correct their waypoints based on physical feedback, or by using the Wrist Camera for visual feedback. This makes robot programs more robust, and should reduce production stops. It also means that robot programs require fewer adjustments when used for different machines or work environments.

Robotiq uses its best off-the-shelf components to bring you an optimized kit for CNC machine tending applications. 

  • Dual Hand-E grippers with an angled bracket (90°)
  • Fingertips starter kit, including a fingertip extender for larger parts
  • Machine Tending Copilot software, including Force Copilot and Contact Offset
  • Robotiq Wrist Camera (optional), including the new Visual Offset function
  • eLearning course on how to best use your kit
Dual Hand-E setup
Total mass2.40 kg2.40 kg
Total mass with camera2.56 kg2.56 kg
Hand-E Gripper
Stroke50 mm50 mm
Grip force20 to 130 N20 to 130 N
IP ratingIP67IP67
Wrist Camera
Minimum field of view10.0 x 7.5 cm10.0 x 7.5 cm
Maximum field of view64 x 48 cm100 x 75 cm
Minimum part size (as percentage of field of view)10%10%
Maximum part size (as percentage of field of view)60%60%
Focus range2.76 in to infinite
IP ratingIP67IP67

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