Collaborative Robots for Material Handling

Feed, Orient, Load/Unload, or Manipulate Materials in the Correct Position

Combine Universal Robots collaborative robot arm, with a Robotiq 3-finger gripper for handling a wide range of objects for assembly. Three fingers cooperate to grasp and manipulate parts for production.
Robotiq Adaptive Gripper, General Presentation
Robotiq Adaptive Gripper, General Presentation
A cobot that can switch tasks easily and a three finger gripper that can adapt to changing parts in production enables “Lot Size of One” initiatives. Manufacturers can increase their ability to rapidly react to product line changes and simultaneously produce customized, high quality products.  Read about gripper application examples in Robotiq’s eBook… 

Another workholding technology are clamps.  Our SMC clamps are for high-volume assembly.  Pneumatic’s simple plug-and-play installation is appealing for quickness, cleanliness, and cost effectiveness compared to other clamping technology.  

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