Collaborative Robot Implementation

Collaborative Robot Bases

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Cobot base for multi-tasking

In stark contrast to older-style robots, bolted to the floor in a cage, collaborative models can be mobile multitaskers. They’re small and lightweight, able to be moved around the manufacturing floor or facility. Once in their new destination, easy and intuitive GUIs allow operators to quickly switch between tasks. Many models can also be programmed for new operations by hand guiding the arm through steps at the point of need. This flexibility is helpful for small and medium-size manufacturers, especially those in high-mix/low-volume and just-in-time (JIT) settings.

Mobile base for quick changeovers

Utilize the cobot at several workstations. The robot base makes it easy to move the robot to another workstation without unscrewing the robot every time. Fasten the robot to the base plate and the robot is ready to perform. For example, let the robot perform a machine tending task at the first workstation and move it to the assembly line for another shift. 

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