Complete Linear Servo Motion Solution

Yaskawa Sigma Trac II

Faster motion, Faster time to market

Need precise, high speed and repeatable linear motion, without the time-consuming process of designing your own linear stages? Use Yaskawa’s motion engineering expertise to spare your overworked engineers the effort of specifying, designing and sourcing components, assembly jigs, and test equipment. Yaskawa’s expertly designed, manufactured and tested mechatronic solutions give your machine a faster time to market and your engineering team more time to innovate.

What if…

• You could simplify your machine’s design with a bolt-in linear solution?
• Project development time could be cut by days or weeks?
• You never needed to worry about getting the best in speed, reliability, and repeatability?

Yaskawa Sigma Trac II Catalog PDF


Sigma Trac II is a complete linear motion solution. Each component in Sigma Trac II
is fully assembled and tested: 

  • Coil and magnets
  • Bearings
  • Programming without main power through embedded USB port.
  • Encoder
  • Cables
  • Cable management
  • Optional bellows
  • Optional X-Y mounting kit

Simply provide a flat mounting surface and bolt on your payload.

Improve Machine Performance

  • Minimize cycle times and maximize productivity with speeds up to 5m/s, and peak force output up to 540 N.


  • Coupling the load directly to the motor and encoder yields positioning repeatability of ±2µm.

Zero Maintenance

  • Integrated bearing lubrication technology for long-term maintenance-free operation.


  • We’ve eliminated gears, belts, and screws, resulting in a 10 million double-stroke design life.

Absolute Encoder Feedback

  • Absolute encoder feedback simplifies wiring and requires no homing routines, even after removing power from the equipment.

Wide Range of Sizes

  • With 3 motor sizes and 13 base lengths, there is a linear stage solution for nearly any application. All are available for use with 200V or 400V power.

Cable Management

  • Carefully controlling cable flex maximizes cable life. Use additional space in the cable carrier for cables and hoses to your payload.


  • Optional bellows protect magnets and encoder scale from dust, loose debris, and the occasional dropped tool.

Balanced Thrust

  • Yaw accuracy is optimized by centering the coil, balancing the thrust equally between the bearings.

X-Y Mounting Kit

  • An available X-Y mounting kit simplifies design and installation of 2-axis Cartesian systems for pick and place, machining, and additive manufacturing operations.

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