Control Cabinet UPS – WAGO PRO2 Power Supplies

IIoT Ready: Continuous monitoring of all data and values of your system’s power supply

Class-Leading Features of PRO 2 Power Supplies

  • Intelligent load management that supplies150% power for 5 s (TopBoost), and up to 600% output current for 15 ms (PowerBoost)
  • Extreme reliability even in adverse conditions. Heat, cold, and altitude have little impact on performance
  • Communication capabilities that keep you informed about all important status information and data – ready for IIoT applications
  • Easy planning and installation thanks to compact dimensions and a “digital twin” – 2D/3D data are available in the most important formats.
WAGO Power Supply Effeciency

Power supplies are the heart of a control cabinet and must meet high requirements for reliability, efficiency, and size. In addition, advanced features such as a built-in electronic circuit breaker, configuration options, and communication capabilities make the PRO 2 power supplies ready for the ever-increasing networking and digitalization demands, all while maximizing up-time.

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