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COVID-19 Infrared Camera System

Easy to Deploy Infrared Camera Systems for the Fight Against COVID-19

Many organizations are at risk of continued interruption to operations due to coronarvirus and possible future pandemics. Infrared camera systems from Process Sensors Corp. can help screen frontline employees for elevated body/skin temperature – a possible sign of fighting infection – before they enter crowded workspaces. Organizations that deploy these infrared cameras can help provide a more safe and secure workplace for a productive workforce. 


Infrared Camera Data (IIoT)

Guardian System Communication as an Example

PSC's Near Infrared (NIR) sensor communicates to the Scanner Controller Board via RS-485 Modbus Protocol.  This is also how our sensor communicates with the Operator Interface (OI). The Scanner Control Board communicates with the Guardian PC via Ethernet link using a Windows-based stand-alone system.
PSC ViewerSuite Software for the Guardian meets the needs of our customers.  Customers can get data on scan and zone averages for archiving. ViewerSuite is not only Ethernet-capable; it can use USB and serial links (RS232 and RS485 multi-drop) as well.
ViewerSuite Software is not limited to scanning frames. It can be connected to multiple sensors and scanning frames at the same time. PSCViewer Suite Software is smart.  If it’s connected to a sensor only, it presents sensor software.  If it’s connected to one or more scanners it automatically detects that and pulls up Guardian Viewer Suite Software.  It can also recognize when it is connected to a mix of scanners and static sensors.
The ViewerSuite Software saves Zone/Average data to Excel, CSV, XML and to its built-in supplied industry standard SQLite database which is used for simple roll reports. When an HMI is controlling the Guardian or advanced options are required OPC/Kepware and Modbus/TCP are available.







PSC Infrared Camera Brochure (PDF)

How the Ingrared Camera System Works.
The bi-spectral system camera contains both a thermal and visible camera in the same rugged, light-weight housing.  Operating with a response time of 30ms, it can switch from a visual to thermal image in real time, identifying crowds or individuals as desired.  The camera way b used in stand-alone operation with a PC or as a networkable system via Ethernet cable.  The unique automatic thermal facial recognition feature creates a boxlike boarder around the head of a person and auto tags the associated temperature.
The BR-BTIS400-K0 system work discreetly.  The software singles out individuals whose skin temperatures exceed a pre-determine value set by the user or operator.  The visual alarm gives monitoring operators the capability to identify and isolate potential virus carriers from their fellow travelers, there-by leading to private medical examinations.  The BR-BTIS400-K0 software offers the ability to automatically save an IR image when the alarm is tripped.
The BR-BTIS400-K0 infrared camera system - consisting of the IR thermal camera, software, mounting bracket and companion blackbody source - is easy to install.  The camera may also be mounted on a tripod.  The system can be relocated and set up in a minimum time.  The blackbody source is located in the observed image viewing are, assuring the camera’s temperature accuracy of +/- 0.3C’.