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COVID-19 Sneeze Guards

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Safety And Health At The Heart Of The Future Of Work

Give your employees and customers extrusion protection and confidence at work. 

Numatic Engineering provides the widest variety of extrusion products in the industry to ensure you get the custom guard or enclusure that fits your specific needs and requirements.



T-slot aluminum framing from 80/20 Inc. uses pre-fabricated panels of varying widths and heights that quickly connect together to create a custom guarding solution. 

Anything from personal workspaces or a fully enclosed workstation are easy to design and build using industrial-grade aluminum extrusion.


Personal Sneeze Guard

Fully Enclosed Workspace


Need to modify or add something to the guarding? Simply order the additional parts and install as needed on-site.

There's no limit to what can be built.  We can build your concept from design to reality, or deliver the bill of materials if you're more of a do-it-yourself operation.

Modular For Any Application

From Concept To Reality


If you need a quick solution, pre-cut plexiglass panels are stocked to assemble and mount quickly.  

3 Different sizes are available to suit your workspace.

3 Different Sizes Pre-made


Built In-house


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Sneeze Guards Control COVID-19 Transmission

Sneeze guards are a barrier of protection for infection control and industrial hygiene.
Give your employees and customers protection and confidence at work with sneeze guards made from industrial-strength, light-weight, aluminum structural framing.
Social Barrier
Industrial sneeze guards are less reliant on behavior to provide protection from COVID-19 transmission. These barriers reduce any unnecessary contact and enforce spacing requirements. You can reduce the contact points between your employees and customers with a physical barrier.
Clean Surface
The smooth surface of the acrylic panels allows for easy sanitation for reducing possible contamination.
Have your guarding customized to the size needed for your work space, adapt to fit other sizes, and use it for future applications.

Off-The-Shelf Options


H: 60", W: 48",

Screen: 24", Legs: 48" 

Wall Mount:

H: 60", W: 48",

Screen: 24", Mount: 4.2"

Surface Mount:

H:60", W: 48",

Screen: 24", Mount: 12"


Industrial-grade Plexiglass Sneeze Guards 

  • Acrylic panels are a cost-effective lightweight option that provides high optical clarity.
  • They are stable up to 180 degrees Farenheight and weather resistant, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. 
  • Acrylic is more impact resistant than glass while being half the weight. 
  • It is easily machined and comes in a range of colors and thicknesses.

Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for Pandemics

Proper planning allows employers to better protect their employees and lessen the impact of a pandemic.
"Occupational safety and health professionals use a framework called the "hierarchy of controls" to select ways of dealing with workplace hazards. The hierarchy of controls prioritizes intervention strategies based on the premise that the best way to control a hazard is to systematically remove it from the workplace, rather than relying on employees to reduce their exposure. In the setting of a pandemic, this hierarchy should be used in concert with current public health recommendations." OSHA 3327-02N 2007
Along with administrative controls and public health measures "...during a pandemic, engineering controls may be effective in reducing exposure to some sources of pandemic influenza and not others. For example, installing sneeze guards between customers and employees would provide a barrier to transmission. The use of barrier protections, such as sneeze guards, is common practice for both infection control and industrial hygiene."

DIY Panel Tutorials for Plexiglass Installation


Download the COVID-19 Sneeze Guards Brochure