DataLogic Industrial Scanners

Mass Flow Detection System

MFDS (MassFlowDetectionSystem) is an advanced solution that enables automated data collection for non-conveyable parcels.  In the ‘non-conveyable’ parcel sector, large items have increased significantly even more than traditional parcels, moreover, are subject to manual treatment, creating a labor-intensive process.

Datalogic MFDS (2)

Datalogic STS320

The STS320 is easy to install and excels along all your production chain, including high risk areas of tire manufacturing, such as during vulcanization, where high levels of sulfur gas are present. As with the other 320 family products, the configurable multi-colored 360° feedback provides a highly visible indication of a good or a bad read, or if the reader is still in configuration mode.


Datalogic Matrix 320

The Matrix 320 extends its industry leadership with two new options.

The first is the introduction of a 6mm Liquid Lens (LQL). This gives a wide viewing angle, extending the existing range of medium and narrow viewing angles. The second is the ability to use any C-Mount compatible lenses from Datalogic or third-party vendors. With these additions, users get the highest flexibility for solving the toughest application challenges.

Customize the Matrix 320 to your exact needs, with an extended portfolio of lenses, lighting, filters and accessories. Being modular, you can easily adapt the imager to suit the vast majority of vertical applications.

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