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December 2010

It’s All About the People!

Happy holidays, robot-lovers! Here at Numatic Engineering, we make no secret of the fact that we love technology — But through all of our good-humored jesting about our office escapades with our mascot; Numabot, what's really important is our real-life relationships with the people we do business with every day.

We relish our role in helping you succeed in your needs for automation solutions, and we cherish the working relationships we have built with all of you.

We're looking forward to continuing to build our success and yours during 2011 as we reach new levels of success and efficiency by working together — of course, with some help from a robot or two.

On behalf of everyone at Numatic Engineering we wish all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011!

Steve Leach
[email protected]

December Spotlight:
Balluff Lab Instrument Positioning and Measurement

Balluff Sensors Worldwide has built a record of success spanning nearly a century, and Balluff, founded in 1921, has yet another hit with its Magnetic Linear sensing system to perform automated lab instrument positioning and measurement.

The Balluff Magnetic Linear sensing system can precisely position sample trays, microplates and vial clusters mounted on the instrument platen.

The BML uses non-contact technology to directly monitor linear motion, which reduces wear and tear and prevents signal degradation over time. It also eliminates the need for rotary encoders and related mechanical couplings, thus removing a potential source of inaccuracies.

Other features include:

• The BML is well-suited for high-speed and high-accuracy applications, up to 48 m of travel at 20 m/s with resolution down to 1 μm.

• The BML is immune to catastrophic position errors caused by drive belt slippage or breakage that can affect motor shaft-mounted rotary encoders.

• Implementation is simple because there are only two easy-to-integrate components to the BML system: a small sensor head and an encoded magnetic strip.

Precision and accuracy are key in a wide variety of business applications, and they are especially vital in a lab environment. The Balluff Magnetic Linear system accomplishes these goals and more.

If you agree with us that the BML will prove valuable in your lab environment, please call Numatic Engineering at (818) 768-1200.

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Happy New Year!

... and speaking of the New Year, we have just released our beautiful 2011 Numatic Engineering desktop calendar!

If you have not yet recieved your handy calendar, give us a call and we will send you as many as you need to help you and your office have an organized and successful 2011!

Or send an email request to:
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