Deploying Industrial Networks

Legacy Equipment, Cloud Connection, and Cybersecurity for Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus Networks:

A network is described by ISA (International Society of Automation) as “simply three or more stations connected by common media, by which they share information”.  Moxa has been helping manufacturers’ networks for over 30 years.  
Connecting Your Legacy Devices to the Future
 Connect Serial Devices to the IIoT

The webinars linked below will help you understand the hardware used on the edge of the network to organize communication processes whether you’re trying to connect legacy equipment or streaming MQTT to the cloud.

In this webinar, learn about distance limitations associated with Ethernet and find out how best to overcome them for your application.

In this three minute tutorial, an IIoT gateway connects a serial card reader to Azure (Alibaba Cloud and MQTT also supported).

In this webinar, the most common cybersecurity issues with OT-IT networks are introduced, along with practical tips and organizational practices that are used to counter them.

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