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Device Level Connectivity

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Field Bus System: EX600 Series
Designed for total application flexibility, the EX600 I/O system offers many advanced features. A full suite of diagnostics and programmable parameters allow the EX600 to meet the most stringent requirements. The SI Unit is the key building block of the system and various I/O blocks and valve manifolds can be connected to it. The EX600 can be configured as a centralized or a decentralized I/O system, or a combination of both.
Universal Robots
Ethernet/IP - Connect Your UR Robot to an Allen-Bradley PLC: Manual
Ethernet/IP is a widely supported protocol that can be used with hundreds of devices. For example, with Ethernet/IP, we can build an automation system that uses a Universal Robots collaborative robot arm, an Allen-Bradley or LSIS programmable logic controller (PLC), and a Yaskawa motion controller, and easily have each component communicate with each other.

Remote I/O: Modules
Yaskawa offers a wide range or IO modules that can meet your application's remote IO needs. Use Yaskawa's MECHATROLINK-II / MECHATROLINK-III remote IOs or the SLIO EtherNet/IP modules for your application.
The Yaskawa SLIO system is an external I/O system that is flexible and modular. SLIO makes every aspect of input/output for automation motion control easier and faster, from hardware installation through software setup to easy reconfiguration of an existing SLIO I/O system.  Over 70 functional I/O slices can be paired with Ethernet/IP or MECHATROLINK-III interface modules.  SLIO Part Numbers
Bimba IntelliSense: Brochure
Predictive intelligence for pneumatics: a one-of-a-kind technology platform combining sensors, cylinder and software to deliver real-time performance data for standard Bimba pneumatic devices. With IntelliSense®, users can utilize condition-based monitoring to be proactive about maintenance and system optimization to maximize uptime in the age of full-tilt manufacturing.

Balluff IO-Link: Brochure
IO-Link is the first worldwide standardized IO technology (IEC 61131-9) for communicating from the controller to the lowest level of automation. The interface can be used universally and is a fieldbus-independent, point-to-point connection that operates using an unshielded industrial cable. 


Numatic Engineering offers Banner Engineering - the world's most complete line of photoelectric sensors with over 12,000. 

Discrete Sensors Comparison Chart


IO-Link Sensors Comparison Chart




QC Conveyors 
Control Your Conveyor from Your UR Robot:
QC Conveyors URCap allows you to control your conveyor directly from the Polyscope interface of your UR Robot.  Learn More
Yamaha Robotics
Control Yamaha robots with a ControlLogix PLC over Ethernet/IP with Yamaha Robotics Add-On-Instructions (AOIs)  Demonstration and Downloads