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Electric Actuators


Numatic Engineering partners with Yamaha and Bimba to be your premier source for electric actuators. Through our specialized Application Engineering services, we can determine the best form of motion control, including ball screw actuators and linear electric actuators, for your most challenging applications.

Electric actuators provide complete flexibility of design for OEMs. They combine accuracy, reliability and overall control of the machine for precision operations. They can be easily programmed to fit the needs of the application and re-programmed if the design criteria changes.

Yamaha electric actuators are available in 7 styles and 37 different models. They have models designed for high accuracy, high speed, low-cost, there are versions for use in clean rooms and models equipped with dust protective stainless sheeting. The electric actuator brings your machines to life. Taking electrical energy and converting it into motion makes finding the right actuator for your application essential.

For simple means of movement and when exact precision is not a main concern, pneumatic motion control products may be a cost-effective alternative. However, when precision and accuracy are an absolute must, implementing an electric actuator is the ideal solution.

At Numatic Engineering, we can help provide the building blocks that lead to a completed machine or process design. We will work with your application through our Application Engineering services to determine the best ball screw actuator or linear electric actuator for your machine or process.

Electric actuators are available in a variety of configurations and sizes for ease of usability in your application. The typical construction involves 5 basic features, rod style or slider type, motor with integral coupler, linear bearings and protective housing. Electric Actuators are utilized in numerous industries/applications including packaging, medical, assembly and test equipment. Electric actuators are an essential product in power plants and manufacturing facilities, because of the varying temperature conditions. Electric actuators are fully tested prior to shipping to ensure reliability.

For more information regarding electric actuators, including ball screw actuators and linear electric actuators, contact us! We can help you determine the right product to suit your application. Call us at 800-AIR-CYLS to schedule a training session. We share our knowledge with our customers, helping OEMs and end-users choose the products needed in their challenging and unique designs.


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