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Expedite Services

Numatic Engineering is your partner for quick delivery.

  • Contracted services with the factories. 
  • $ Millions in inventory, stocked locally. 
  • UL508a shop used for customization.
International Direct (IPD/IED)
International Direct, an expedited shipping process, allows stock parts and eligible assembled product coming from SMC Corporation in Japan to be delivered directly to customers.  Information Flyer

24-Hour Overnight Service
$500 expedite charge per cylinder.  Cylinders are made-to-order for overnight shipments.  Contact with the factory is necessary.  


Bimba “Quickship”

Eligible products ship in 24 hours, automatically set to next day air shipping once ready
Qty 2 or less no extra fee, 3 or more have a 30% net expedite fee adder based on list price for each additional part. 

Schedule: Day 1) Order placed; Day 2) Bimba ships overnight; Day 3) Customer receives package.


Small order fee - flat rate of $5.00 net, bypass minimum factory order amount.

TRD Expedite
30% of List Price- Same day, order must be received before 9.30AM Chicago time
20% of List Price - 24hrs expedite

Proportion Air

4 week standard lead time reduced to 7 days with expedite fee.
10% of list price. 
Factory approval needed.

80/20 Sudden Service

24 hour expedite fee. 
25% of list price.


Balluff BTL Transducers

$150.00 Net per piece same day turnaround
$125.00 next day turnaround
$100 for 2 business day turnaround

Advanced Automation

B120-B700 Series 48hr expedite, $35.00 net
B960-B1960 Series 48hr expedite, $90.00 net