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Fittings & Tubings

Numatic Engineering partners with some of the top suppliers of fittings and tubing. As simple as tubing can be, many applications require a custom tubing solution. We partner with SMC, Camozzi and Freelin-Wade, all leaders and innovators in the fittings and tubing world.

Tubing Material Options:

  • Nylon 
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyethylene
  • Teflon
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Linear Low Density
  • Static Dissipative
  • Weld Spatter

Numatic Engineering can work with your design specifications to find cost-effective, compatible fittings and tubing. The number of applications utilizing these components is so vast that there is an abundance of options available. We will work with you to determine the dimensions and material requirements that will work best with your application. We will also cut tubing to size and apply kitting as part of our value add Assembly Manufacturing.

Tubing Configurations:

  • Coiled
  • Jacketed
  • Multi Color Ribbon
  • Specialty Coils (custom diameters)
  • Multi-Bore
  • Spiral Wrap
  • Corrugated
  • Innerbraided 

Silcryn tubing is an exclusive Freelin-Wade product designed over a two year period by their company engineers. It is the best dental tubing available on the market today. It allows for higher tear resistance and color uniformity than silicone. It is an ideal jacket for wire and multi-tube bundles.  Similar to silicone in feel, Silcryn hangs nicely and doesn’t have the tacky grip that causes other tubes to tangle

Teflon Tubing is an expensive, elite form of tubing used exclusively when highly acidic materials are being transferred. Though costly, this tubing is exceptional in its longevity and quality even while dealing with challenging fluids.

Fitting Options:

  • Push-In
  • Composite
  • Nickel Plated Brass
  • DOT Approved
  • Pipe Fittings

Tubing is available clear or in a variety of colors to color-code your machines. Red tubing can be used to signify main line or you can use different colors to signify critical lines. You can also specify colors to match your company’s color scheme. With the numerous color or clear tubing options available, it’s easy to organize and coordinate components and functions.

SMC is the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic automation components and Numatic Engineering in your premier California distributor of these products. SMC manufacturers everything you could need for motion control including rodless cylinders, directional control valves and air cylinders. They also deal with an array of fittings and tubing to suit any application. Tubing is made using polyurethane and is available in fractional sizes from 1/8"- ½" and metric sizes from 3.2mm-16mm. SMC fittings are one touch for easy release of the tubing.

Fittings are available in all different shapes, sizes and thread types to fit any application. SMC and Camozzi are Numatic Engineering’s prime suppliers of these components. Both SMC and Camozzi provide fittings that accommodate on touch operation, flow control, high pressure and inch/metric dimensions.

For more information regarding fittings and tubing distributed through Numatic Engineering, contact us! Or call us today at 800-AIR-CYLS to place an order. Be sure to ask about our unique Assembly Manufacturing services!