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Flow Control & Disconnects

Flow Control Components

Numatic Engineering is California’s premier source of motion control components. Through our special services, we help find the right solution despite the challenge of the applications. Flow control and disconnects fine tune the motion of your pneumatic actuators and without this simple device cylinders will not perform as needed. With the accurate product, you have infinite adjustability of motion. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, we have the flow control product to suit your space requirements.

Flow Control Features:

  • Tamper Resistant
  • Tamper Proof
  • Finger Adjusted
  • Screwdriver Adjust
  • Clean Room

Flow Control/Quick Disconnect Materials

  • Composite
  • Stain Steel
  • Nickel Plated

Numatic Engineering can work on and specify the most appropriate flow control for your application. We offer many designs and configurations of flow control products and can offer our Application Engineering and Assembly Manufacturing value add services. Flow control products are made with a variety of materials to meet compatibility specifications and come in a variety of application options.

Flow Control Configurations:

  • Meter in
  • Meter out
  • Dual Control
  • Slow Speed
  • Pilot Operated/Check Valve
  • Flow Control W/ Built in Regulator
  • Flow Control W/ Quick Exhaust
  • Check valves
  • Needle Valves
  • Pressure indicator

Flow Control Mounting

  • In line
  • Panel Mount
  • Cylinder mount  
  • Valve Mount

Quick Disconnect Configurations

  • Single End Shutoff
  • Dual End Shutoff
  • Straight Through (no shutoff)
  • Zero Leak

Flow control valves are usually connected to actuators such as air cylinders to control the flow of exhausting air. They also work with rodless air cylinders to control the speed and maintain smooth operation and repeatability of motion. Needle valves can be used in applications using vacuum regulators.  Flow control components are lightweight and compact to ensure tight space compatibility. Dual color displays are another option available to keep machine operators up to speed on potential problems the instant they are detected to allow for fast repairs.

Quick disconnects allow for easy access to components to allow for quick repair or adjustments. By not having to disengage components individually, you can momentarily stop a machine quickly disconnect a device and quickly fix what needs restoring.

Numatic Engineering is Southern California’s premier source of motion control products. For more information regarding flow control and disconnects contact us. Or call us at 800-AIR-CYLS to place an order today.