How to Use Ethernet/IP for Cobot Communication

Collect Robot Arm I/O, monitor diagnostics, and plan maintenance.

Ethernet/IP is a widely supported protocol that can be used with hundreds of devices. For example, with Ethernet/IP, we can build an automation system that uses a Universal Robots collaborative robot arm, an Allen-Bradley or LSIS programmable logic controller (
UR Ethernet_IP Guide
PLC), and a Yaskawa motion controller, and easily have each component communicate with each other.  Additionally, Ethernet/IP allows for maximum flexibility for future system expansion, including the ability to add digital I/O or remote sensors at any time.

The Ethernet/IP protocol also allows manufacturers to collect more information from their devices. For example, Ethernet/IP can be used to communicate the power usage or temperature of a motor. This data can be used for better diagnostics or predictive maintenance, which helps us develop more intelligent machines with more uptime, resulting in further cost savings.

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