Industry 4.0 with SMC IO-Link Products

Expand Your Communications to the Lowest Level Sensors with SMC Fieldbus & Serial Interface Products.

Constantly optimize your production processes with IO-Link compatible products from SMC. IO-Link is the first standardized I/O technology worldwide (IEC 61131-9) for communication with sensors and actuators. Use a point-to-point connection (no bus couplers or conditioning modules) to an IO-Link master (see below) to connect low-level sophisticated sensors to any fieldbus protocol: Ethernet/IP, ProfiBus, ProfiNet, DeviceNet, CC-Link.

SMC Fieldbus & Serial Interface Products
SMC Fieldbus & Serial Interface Products

IO-Links supports 3 kinds of data exchanges:
    1. Process Data: 2 to 32 bytes of data and cycle times as low as 2ms.
    2. Service Data: a user can request like diagnostics and detailed device data (identity, serial numbers, etc.)
    3. Events, Alarms, or Sensor Information that need to be reported immediately without waiting for a service request message.
Watch in this use case as predictive maintenance is demonstrated using IO-Link to communicate a component malfunction to decision makers and how downtime can avoided. 

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