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January 2011

Numatic News & Information For January 2011

Happy New Year From Numatic AND Numabot!

You know what every party needs? That's right. Robots! And sometimes, as Numabot proved this New Year, even just one robot can be the life of the party.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for helping us make 2010 a year of solid growth. I attribute the success to our committed personnel, our suppliers, staying focused and continuing to innovate by adding new products and services. Here at Numatic Engineering, we're excited about the prospects for 2011, and we're pleased to see that so many of our friends in business and industry share our optimistic outlook for this year.

We're also excited about the constant progress technology is making to help our clients run their businesses faster, smarter, and more efficiently. It seems as if new options and capabilities emerge each day, and we take great pride in applying state-of-the-art technologies to our customers' needs.

As you prepare for a prosperous 2011, we encourage you to contact Numatic Engineering. We would be excited to show you who Numatic Engineering is behind the scenes and what we can offer to help your business be more profitable in 2011. If you were not part of our VIP Tour last year please contact us to set up an appointment early this year.

Here's to a healthy, happy, prosperous and technologically advanced 2011!


Steve Leach
[email protected]

FX Series:
Operation Needs TLC, Check Out this PLC

Mitsubishi Electric offers the widest line of Programmable Logic Controllers in the industry, ranging from simple application controllers to high-end PLC's capable of running entire plants with thousands of input/output points.

Among Mitsubishi's most popular PLC's is the FX Series. Since its release in 1981, the FX Series compact PLC has evolved for over a quarter century, providing solutions to customers from a diverse range of industries. With its proven track record of outstanding quality and reliability, the FX Series continues its tradition of excellence as the world's compact PLC of choice.

The FX family contains several independent yet compatible controllers, ranging from a maximum I/O of 30 for the FX1S all the way up to a maximum I/O of 384 for the FX3U.

Coming from a long line of pioneering controllers, the FX series continues to build on its cornerstone principles:

  • Ease of use – Control systems that require minimum setup, keeping program development times to a minimum.
  • Flexible – Open communication, analog, high-speed and positioning control options enable the FX series to mold to almost any application.
  • Affordable – High-performing yet cost-sensitive controllers make advanced control solutions a reality for smaller applications.
  • Customer Confidence – A host of industrial certifications and more than 9 million PLCs sold worldwide make the FX series the controller of choice.

At Numatic Engineering, we're proud to offer the FX series of PLC's to ensure our clients' operations run smoothly. If you think the FX series can help your business, please call us at (800) 247-2957 to find out how we can bring this solution to you!

See more info on this product here.

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