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July 2010

Happy July!

We hope you'll join us in celebrating the freedoms we all enjoy. In place of our "Numabot" video this month, we offer a salute to the American spirit, and to the brave soldiers who protect that spirit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We consider ourselves fortunate at Numatic Engineering because we are able to exercise our freedom and choose jobs that allow us to work with so many great people and products that are really "toys" for the technology-minded! So, here we are in July, the height of summer, and we're as excited about some of our technology toys as some folks might be about their boats or surfboards. Products such as Phoenix Contact's latest SMART Managed Compact Switches for PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Ethernet applications offer such an exciting array of benefits for our customers, we can't resist spreading the word.

We hope you're having as much fun with your summer as we are with ours. And remember, please call on us any time for help with your manufacturing and automation needs. It's what we love, and we're thankful for those who protect our freedoms.

Thanks for reading, and while you're enjoying your July, please remember the troops, their families and the sacrifice they make for us every day.

Steve Leach
[email protected]


Need to Cut a Moving Target? No Problem!

It may sound challenging, but slicing a moving target is a piece of cake for the Rotary Knife solution from Mitsubishi. The Mitsubishi rotary components are programmed to respond intelligently to electronic cues that tell them when to perform cutting actions.

These rotary knife applications can be adapted for a variety of functions and materials, including:

  • Steel & paper cutting
  • Perforation
  • Labeling
  • Stamping
  • Flat material sealing
  • Scanning

The Mitsubishi rotary knife solution has a variety of features that make them cost-cutters, too. Easy-to-design motion profiles reduce labor and programming time, Ethernet communication capability reduces setup time and wiring costs, and high-resolution encoders improve production quality while also reducing maintenance costs.

We're proud to offer Mitsubishi rotary knife solutions as part of our vast array of manufacturing solutions. If you think these "flying knives" might be right for your operation, please give us a call at (800) 247-2957!

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Phoenix Contact Has the Smartest Switches Around!

Phoenix Contact takes pride in "Inspiring Innovations," and their new SMART Managed Compact Switches are the proof in the pudding.

The SMCS is fully industrialized and provides concurrent Gigabit throughput capability on all eight ports simultaneously. Other features include WEB/SNMP/LED diagnostics, redundancy and Ethernet traffic filtering functions.

These high-tech wonders enable the cost-effective creation of managed Ethernet networks in industrial environments. Depending on the specific model chosen, features include redundant supply voltage connection, labeling fields for the device and individual ports, and local diagnostic and status indicators.

Phoenix Contact has created innovative products that take the mystery out of managing your manufacturing network. Need smart switches? Don't wait! Call Numatic Engineering at (800) 247-2957!

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Yamaha's Robots: Reliable and Versatile

When some people think of Yamaha, they think of watercraft or motorcycles. When we think of Yamaha, we think of - what else? - ROBOTS!

Yamaha's XY-X Cartesian robots have proven their reliability and ease of maintenance in a wide variety of industrial uses. The Yamaha line of robots offers a wide array of mounting styles in belt, ball screw and linear motor models. Features include compact size, excellent load capacities, easy operation, high speed, compact size and easy maintenance - all at reasonable prices.

Whatever the application, there's a Yamaha robot that can do the job. Want proof? Well, these robots have evolved from the same ones that have been used for decades in Yamaha's own production plants, and Yamaha's products are known worldwide for reliability and quality.

If your manufacturing operation could use a Yamaha, please give Numatic Engineering a call at (800) 247-2957!

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Feeling the Pressure? SMC Sensors Do It with Precision

We love the new SMC Corp. digital pressure and vacuum sensors because they have so many great applications, including:

  • Confirmation of adsorption of work pieces
  • Confirmation of supply pressure
  • Confirmation of pressure after lubricator unit
  • Confirmation of working pressure of a hydraulic cylinder

These high-precision, compact sensors are easy to read, with two-color displays that transition from red to green based on process changes. They are optimal for either machine or panel mounting, and changes can be monitored as either digital or analog outputs.

Also included among their many features:

  • 10x copy function
  • Expanded pressure and vacuum ranges
  • 2 digital outputs
  • Power-saving function
  • Replaceable one-touch fittings
  • Unbeatable value

Also, SMC offers variations of these sensors for slim, multi-channel uses, as well as special sensors for wet path applications, featuring stainless steel diaphragms.

To find out more about how SMC Corp.'s vacuum and pressure sensors might take the "pressure" off of your manufacturing operation, call Numatic Engineering at (800) 247-2957.

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80/20 Has the Coolest Cart for High-Tech Tools

We love the philosophy of 80/20 Inc., which gets its name from Pareto's Law, stating that 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your efforts.

So, if you spend 80 percent of your time trying to find things rather than actually having easy access to them, then the odds are your results will suffer. That's why tool carts and other parts of the "Industrial Erector Set" from 80/20 Inc. are such great friends to have in your shop.

Tool carts, cabinet work stations, product carts and other fixtures from 80/20 are designed to store and provide easy access for needed tools and products. (80/20 even offers a trash eating robot, and you know how we feel about robots! Cool!) Featured here is a custom tool cart for a manufacturer that needed to have slots for each piece of equipment, identifying which parts belong in which spots. As manufacturing leader Terri B. says, "These custom carts provide organization of our tools and easy access which increases productivity."

If you're interested in getting more - much more - out of your "20 percent," call Numatic Engineering at (800) 247-2957.

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Bimba: When Off-the-Shelf Just Won't Do!

At Numatic Engineering we are proud to do business with a company like Bimba Manufacturing, which shares our belief in creating custom solutions for unique challenges.

Bimba's mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions to engineering challenges, especially when off-the-shelf products don't meet a customer's needs. Here are just a few examples of ways in which Bimba has helped customers, and you'll see why we believe Bimba can help us to help you:

  • Hand Tool: When an automotive manufacturer needed to automate the application of plastic ties, Bimba created a custom hand tool that grabs the tie, pulls it tights and trims the extra lead.
  • Stepper Actuator: A customer needed a versatile cylinder that could adjust stops and guide rails. Bimba created a stepper cylinder that can extend in increments, and then retract, allowing for remote adjustments in movements as little as 0.05 inches.
  • Rate Control: Bimba created a unique rate control actuator for a food service customer, allowing smooth, consistent velocity control for a spring- loaded cover.
  • Fluid Valve: For a customer that needed a long- lasting solution to dispense paint, Bimba created a stainless steel air-operated valve to deliver better sealing and a more compact package.

What do all of these products have in common? Innovation - and a willingness by Bimba to look at each challenge with a fresh eye toward finding just the right solution for each client. That's why Numatic Engineering enjoys partnering with Bimba! Call us at (800) 247-2957 to find out how Numatic and Bimba can create solutions together for you.

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