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July 2011


 Numatic News & Information for July 2011

It's Summertime, and We're Thinking of Sunshine AND the Cloud!

Summer robot
Hello, and happy summer to you all! As the temperatures start heating up, here at Numatic Engineering we are of course excited for summer and all that it brings. And, as always, we have a keen awareness of how important it is for you and your business to run reliably, no matter what time of year it is.

That's why we're always on the lookout for new trends in technology and new products that can better put technology to work for you. (Have we mentioned we love technology, and robots?)

So, as Summer 2011 gets under way, we are excited about great new products, like the Valueline Mini Box PC from Phoenix Contact. And, we're also excited about growing new technologies, like Cloud Computing, that are changing the way a lot of us will handle information and our IT infrastructure.  

Whatever your summer plans are - and whether you are more focused on the sunshine or the Cloud - we hope it's a happy and prosperous time. Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always glad to help!


Steve Leach
[email protected]
Balluff: RFID Embraces the Cloud
Cloud Computing: It's for Much More than Storing Music Files
The good folks at Balluff Sensors Worldwide are making some interesting observations about the use of Cloud Computing to leverage shared IT infrastructure and standardized software modules. Check out this video on Cloud Computing, which was posted recently on "SensorTech," a Balluff-sponsored blog about industrial sensor technologies: 
Balluff Cloud Computing and RFID
Balluff Cloud Computing and RFID 

According to the Balluff blog, Radio Frequency Identification can benefit from the use of Cloud Computing, achieving a higher level of visibility for industry and logistics with low cost and excellent flexibility. 


You're going to be hearing a lot more about Cloud technology in the days ahead, whether it's for personal use (storing your pictures, music and video on a Cloud server that makes them available on all of your devices) or for industrial applications, such as those discussed in the Balluff blog. 


"For many users who wish to implement RFID but don't want to, or can't afford to invest in an IT infrastructure to support their application, Cloud Computing is the most cost-effective, least difficult way technologically to implement," says the SensorTech blog. "Even for users who have IT infrastructure, Cloud Computing can be a better way to control costs and minimize the impact to their existing business systems and staff while still having the ability to fully integrate their systems together." 


Is the Cloud right for you? Can Numatic help you take better advantage of all of the technologies available today? Please give us a call at (818) 768-1200. 


See Balluff's blog post about Cloud Computing 

Visit Balluff online   

Valueline Mini Box PC
Long-Awaited Wide-Temperature Version Is First Model Available 

Phoenix Contact LogoYou know what they say about great things in small packages, and here's proof that it's true: The Valueline Mini Box PC, now available from Phoenix Contact, is rugged, compact and ready for the challenge of serving as an integral component in a complete automation solution.
The first model available is a wide-temperature version capable of operating between -40 C and +65 C. This exceptional tolerance for temperature extremes, coupled with its high shock and vibration ratings, make it ideal for rugged applications.
Among others, the Phoenix Contact Valueline Mini Box PC is well-suited to serve in automation solutions for:
· Discrete manufacturing
· Process industry
· Material handling
· Transportation
· Wind and solar
The benefits of this innovative "small package" include a fanless, energy-efficient design, support for several embedded operating systems, an SD slot that will accommodate SD cards with up to 2 GB of additional storage, and options for DIN rail and wall mounting.
Will your operation benefit from all of this computing power within a small footprint? Please give Numatic Engineering a call 
at (818) 768-1200!
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