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June 2010

Hello, and happy summer to you all!

As a family-run business since 1955, here at Numatic Engineering we know what an exciting time summer can be for you and your family. We also know how important it is to keep your business running reliably through the vacation season, so we make sure that, no matter what everyone's summer schedules may bring, we are here for you when you need us.

We value our relationships with our customers, and as part of our continuing efforts to communicate effectively with you, we have improved our newsletter by redesigning the template for ease of reading. Look for additional improvements later this summer, as our website is receiving a complete overhaul. Thanks again for all your support and the great feedback we receive from you each month!

And, if you're getting ready for that big summer barbecue, make sure you check out Numabot's mischievous burger caper in the video at right. Keep your eye on those burgers!

Whatever your summer plans are, we hope it's a happy and prosperous time - and please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always glad to help!

Wishing you many happy summertime adventures,

Steve Leach
[email protected]


Phoenix Contact Revolutionizes Safety Relays!

Technology is supposed to make things simpler for all of us, and Phoenix Contact has achieved just that with its revolutionary safety relays. Phoenix Contact has set new benchmarks for versatility and functionality with its safety relays, offering simplified product selection and universal safety protection while making safety relay selection less complex overall.

Here at Numatic Engineering we are proud to offer the latest in safety relay technology from Phoenix Contact. The advantages and features of Phoenix Contact safety relays include:

  • Integration of emergency stops, safety doors, light curtains and two-hand control.
  • Printed and keyed plug-in connectors.
  • Availability of spring or screw terminals.
  • Compliance with all of the latest international standards.

It takes a truly great product to simplify complex tasks, and Phoenix Contact's safety relays are among the many products we offer that can make it happen for you. To find out how these relays may help your business, call Numatic Engineering today at (800) 247-2957!

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Make It Stick with Mitsubishi Labeling Solutions!

It's something consumers take for granted: Whether it's a bottle, a can or a box, virtually every consumer item has a label, and most people don't give much thought to how it got there.

Mitsubishi has given plenty of thought to it.

At Numatic Engineering, we can help you achieve outstanding levels of efficiency and accuracy for all of your product labeling needs, using the latest labeling solutions from Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.

Mitsubishi's Stand Alone Motion Controller can be configured to meet the needs of any production line, whether it involves application of a single label to a block-shaped product or multiple labels for cylindrical products that must be rotated.

With features including flexible mark detection programming, web advance algorithm and customizable HMI screen design, Mitsubishi's advanced labeling machines are a model of efficiency and ease of use. They help reduce waste, minimize setup and programming times, reduce maintenance time and reduce overall costs.

So, when you're ready for a solution that will stick with you for the long haul, or if you'd like more information on how Mitsubishi's labeling controllers can help you, call Numatic Engineering at (800) 247-2957.

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Need Serial Network Solutions for Packaging Machines?

One of the exciting things about our business is the diverse array of challenges we get to tackle. For example, the packaging industry has a virtually infinite number of different needs for a virtually endless - and ever-changing - universe of products.

Numatic Engineering recognizes the unique nature of your individual packaging needs, and that's why we offer solutions from SMC Serial Networks. SMC offers a diverse and flexible line of serial units, valves and manifolds, ranging from the small and precise to the large and powerful. Among them:

  • Drop Packer: This particular packaging solution features a myriad of sensors to detect product jams and voids in the flow of products. The SMC drop packer enables your product to be dropped, lowered or raised into a case, and it features Serial Interface to make installation, control and maintenance simple. And that, of course, saves you time and money.
  • Automatic Case Packer: It does it all! The SMC Case Packer can erect a case, collate product, insert pads and partitions, load the product and close the case. Voila! It's simple!
  • Tray Packer: The Serial Interface of the SMC Tray Packer achieves increased control with less wiring. It erects a tray, and collates and loads product using valve manifolds, actuators and cylinders.

Got product to pack? Don't wait! Call Numatic Engineering at (800) 247-2957!

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When Accuracy REALLY Matters: Balluff Vision Sensors

Quality control matters to all of us in business - and, it matters to all of us as consumers, too. Perhaps one of the most important areas for excellent quality control, to all of us, is in the realm of health care.

That's just one example of areas where vision sensors from Balluff prove their worth, and then some. Balluff's Sharpshooter vision sensors can be used for a variety of applications, and one of them is in quality control for a product that may be important to all of us at one time or another: IV bags.

Balluff vision sensors ensure that IV bags meet rigorous requirements for proper placement of components, such as caps on the bags' outlets. Balluff sensors also verify proper orientation and presence of printed warnings, information and barcodes, as well as the correct number and placement of hanging holes.

An IV bag is a product that cannot afford lax quality control, and Balluff vision sensors ensure compliance with the most exacting standards.

Whether your needs for vision sensors are a matter of life and death, or just wanting to get the job done right, reliably, Numatic Engineering can help create a vision sensor solution that's right for you. Call us at (800) 247-2957 to find out how.

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Phoenix Contact Revolutionizes Safety Relays!

Also among the products Numatic Engineering offers for medical-related applications are proportional controls from Proportion-Air, a manufacturer of electronic air pressure regulators and air flow control valves.

The precise levels of control offered by Proportion-Air equipment are essential for various industries, from aerospace to welding. In the medical professions, Proportion-Air equipment aids in everything from the manufacture of medical devices to the proportional control of those devices when they are put in action.

Proportion-Air's closed loop technology can control hundreds of automated processes, using analog or digital signals - and Proportion-Air controls offer more than a thousand options to meet every proportional control need. 

Call Numatic Engineering at (800) 247-2957 for more information on how we can use Proportion-Air equipment to provide a proportional control solution for you.

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Keep It Smooth with ITT Enidine Wire Rope Isolators

If you have valuable equipment that needs to be protected against the effects of vibration, look no further than the Wire Rope Isolators from ITT Enidine Inc.

Enidine's heavy-duty isolators are comprised of stainless steel stranded cable, threaded through aluminum alloy retaining bars, crimped and mounted to effectively isolate vibration.

These isolators are great for a variety of applications, including: chemical processing equipment; electronic cabinets; isolation of pumps, generators and compressors; and shipping cases, skids and containers.

If you need a non-standard solution, Numatic Engineering can work with Enidine to create a custom-designed isolator solution to meet your specifications.

Want to smooth out those bad vibes? Call Numatic Engineering at (800) 247-2957!

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