Machine Monitoring Made Simple

Controller with MTConnect Adapter Harvests Machine Data

The primary purpose of machine monitoring is to improve equipment performance and enable predictive maintenance to prevent downtime. 

Wago's MT Connect harvests data at IMTS
Wago’s MTConnect harvests data
Wago’s DigitalTAP bridges the data harvested from machines to an application that then translates data into legible metrics with which a machine’s status and activity can be tracked and monitored remotely.
  • Wago PFC100 controller with embedded MTConnect adapter and agent. 
  • Wago 750 Series I/O modules enable users to connect existing sensors, stack lights, and operator buttons from your legacy machines to the digitalTAP application. 

When the Wago components are combined, they transform machine signals into a standardized digital format per the MTConnect standard.  

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