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Machine Vision Sensors

machine vision sensors


Numatic Engineering has been leading the competition with our involvement in electronic motion control since the late1980’s. Beginning with programmable controllers, variable frequency and servo motors we branched into robotic controls in the late 1990’s. Robots are in essence multi-axis of servo motion control integrated into one device and controller for high precision and reliability. They are mechanically self-guided minimizing the need to design supporting mechanisms. Going with this advanced incorporated solution saves time and money during the design manufacturing of equipment. Robots have been commercially built for over 30 years and are commonplace in manufacturing. Numatic Engineering partners with Yamaha and Mitsubishi for some of the most reliable robotic products on the market today.

Balluff Machine Vision Sensors:

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Ethernet network of multiple vision sensors
  • Stores up to 20 jobs internally
  • Ability to follow rotation 360°
  • Configurable Boolean logic
  • Windows interface for easy setup
  • Ethernet network of multiple vision sensors
  • Simple inspection without computer
  • Graphic based configurator
  • Continuous status monitoring

Lighting options, mounting brackets and cable accessories are available for quick installation. Lighting options are LED based for quality and reliability. All accessories are cost-effective, making it easy to find the right parts for your machine vision sensors.

Training is provided for this advanced technology from our Value-Added services “Application Engineering.

For more information regarding innovative vision sensors, contact us! Call us at 800-AIR-CYLS to request a “Lunch & Learn” at your company’s worksite. We will work with your engineers to show how machine vision sensors can greatly reduce your costs and labor time during inspection.