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March 2011


 Numatic News & Information for March 2011

Our Thoughts Are with Our Colleagues in Japan

Tragedy touches us all in the modern world, where events aQuake March 2011 half-globe away are brought to us by instantaneous news and video reports and the international marketplace establishes close working relationships among people living on different continents. We've experienced an example of this in the aftermath of the tragic 9.0 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis that struck Japan. Here at Numatic Engineering, we work closely with companies that have employees and production facilities in Japan, including this month's featured product vendors, Mitsubishi Electric and SMC.

While we were relieved to hear no Mitsubishi Electric or SMC employees lost their lives in this tragedy, we were saddened to hear some employees have in fact been hit hard by disaster, including some who lost their homes. Our thoughts are with them and with all of our friends and colleagues across the Pacific.

We at Numatic Engineering extend our deepest sympathies to all of the victims and families who have suffered the impacts of this disaster, and we thank everyone who joins us in contributing to the recovery effort.


Steve Leach
[email protected]
Mitsubishi: All Employees Are Safe
Factories Checking with Suppliers in Quake Region
Mitsubishi logo

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. has confirmed that none of its employees lost their lives in the March 11 quake, and its factory closest to the earthquake escaped undamaged. "We've now been informed that all members of the Mitsubishi Electric family in Japan are accounted for and are safe," wrote Michael A. Styrna, Mitsubishi's Director of Supply Chain Management, in a statement provided to customers and employees.


Mitsubishi, which manufactures a wide variety of state-of-the-art factory automation solutions for customers served by Numatic Engineering, also announced that it expects to weather the disaster recovery without suffering significant delays in product shipments. Styrna noted that no supplier issues have arisen to date, and all regular shipments that left Japan by air last week have been received.


"The management teams at our manufacturing facilities are experienced, dedicated professionals with all needed resources to address any challenges that may arise," Styrna's statement said. "It is also critical to understand that MEAU holds significant inventory in Vernon Hills, Illinois, to prevent supply chain issues from affecting our customers."


"As we've all learned, the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan's northeastern coastline on March 11 are unprecedented in Japan's modern history and the devastation and loss of life are significant and heartbreaking," Styrna added. "I want to stress that the spirit of the people of Japan is strong and everyone is committed in rebuilding what is lost."


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SMC: Inventory Prevents Delays
SMC Committed to Resuming Normal Operations Quickly
SMC logo
SMC announced after the earthquake and tsunami that the company does not expect major impacts for its North American customers, thanks to a solid inventory status as well as global production facilities outside of Japan. 

"In some cases, there are government-mandated blackouts in Japan as well as potential delays from poor road conditions or fuel shortages," the company said in a statement released last week. However, these delays are not expected to result in delays in product delivery, and SMC remained committed to resuming operations quickly and safely.
All of SMC's Japanese plants were operational in the days after the quake with two exceptions: The plants in Tono and Kamaishi were temporarily closed. The Tono plant was the first of the two to reopen, and the Kamaishi factory finally had its electricity service restored on Monday.
"No issues were found with the machinery at this location; therefore, we plan to restart operations this week, ramping to 90 percent capacity by next week," SMC said in an updated statement released this week. "All of our ocean and air freight carriers have resumed normal operations and, once all safety checks are complete and power restrictions are lifted, we will resume full operations in all SMC locations."

SMC offers Numatic Engineering's customers more than 8,900 basic products with more than a half-million variations, including actuators, valves, electronics and custom design solutions.

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Quake Relief


If you are interested in making a donation to the Japanese relief effort, you can contact the Red Cross at 800/RED CROSS or click here to visit the Red Cross website. 


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