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Motion Control

Numatic Engineering is proud to be the exclusive Yaskawa distributor in Southern California. For nearly 100 years Yaskawa have been supplying high quality, mechatronic products and they are one of the world's leading companies for motion control products. Yaskawa manufactures some of the finest inverter drives, servo drives and motion controllers. Yaskawa is world renowned for their ground-breaking innovations and the company continues to advance motion control technology. Whatever your Yaskawa requirements Numatic Engineering can deliver. Using Yaskawa products, we can supply efficient and resource-saving production systems for a wide range of industries.


Yaskawa Servo Motor and VFD Applications:

Yaskawa Servo Motors and Drives represent a comprehensive range of the worlds highest quality systems. The broad product range of servo systems includes brushless AC servo motors, digital amplifiers, linear motors, and direct drive motors. These best-in-class servo systems can be matched with single-axis or multiaxis motion controllers for a system solution with the best quality and reliability in the business. Motor powers from 30W to 55kW, (0.09 to 350Nm).

RSLogix5000 with Yaskawa Add-On-Instructions (AOI)

SigmaLogic allows you to use Yaskawa’s written and tested Add On Instructions in your RSlogix5000 program with a ControlLogix or CompactLogix PLC. No other Yaskawa programming software is required.


Industrial Networking - Data Exchange with Yaskawa Motion Controllers

The MPiec OPC Server is an optional software which provides data exchange between Windows applications and MPiec controllers via the manufacturer-independent client/ server interface OPC (OLE for Process Control). OPC servers are commonly used to provide machine data to HMIs and SCADA systems in a standardized format.

 Unified Machine and Robot Control

These languages work predictably and seamlessly with one another: Ladder Logic (perfect for digital sensory data representation), Structured Text (Great for assignment of mathematical algorithms), and Function Block Diagrams (Best suited for machine control).

Learn how sourcing all of these elements from one company can drastically reduce machine development costs.


Programming codes are reusable across different Yaskawa MPiec controller hardware. Variables and outputs can be referenced between different POUs (Programming Organization Unit) providing the ideal automation development environment.

With Yaskawa's IEC61131-3 programming environment, MotionWorks IEC Express and MotionWorks IEC Pro, enable programmers to take advantage of several standard programming languages within one development package.


The Yaskawa Quality Experience

It is the policy of Yaskawa, to place quality, continual improvement, and customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything. When it comes to quality, Yaskawa refuses to cut corners and aims to be the best. In fact, Yaskawa has been known to set the standards for quality, which competitors strive to live up to. At the core of Yaskawa’s competitiveness is an all-encompassing commitment to ensured quality. Yaskawa has demonstrated this commitment by producing quality products in North America for the last 40+ years.