Networked Variable Frequency Drives

Enable powerful VFD monitoring and control with option cards for industrial communication protocols

Competition continues to push the requirements for machine efficiency, predictability, and preventive maintenance, all of which depend on timely and accurate information delivered through connections via industrial communication protocols.
Network Protocols for Yaskawa's 1000 Series Drives
Network Protocols for 
 Yaskawa’s 1000 Series Drives

Yaskawa drives cover every automation application in the industrial plant. These AC drives incorporate the latest technological advancements, like the ultra-low harmonics and/or full regeneration capabilities of the U1000 Industrial MATRIX Drive.  

Add easy-to-install, plug-in option cards to enable easy and quick integration into your industrial ethernet and fieldbus networks.  

eLearning modules and videos, like the DriveWorksEZ self-guided video training, are user-friendly, computer-based training lessons, connected to live demos. They are designed to be effective, time efficient, instruction that can be performed anytime or anywhere there is a computer or mobile device. This is a perfect way to get the training you need in the least possible amount of time.  

The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Industrial Network Communication class is designed for technicians and engineers that want to know more about the technical aspects of network communications. This class focuses on how network communications can enable powerful VFD monitoring and control. 

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