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November 2011


 Numatic News & Information for November 2011

The Seasons Are Changing, But There's Still Time to Catch a Great Deal! 


Go long! That's what we're doing with one of the best product deals we've ever seen! Now through November 30, you can get a steep, steep discount on Phoenix Contact's innovative Marking Box printing system. This offer has been a huge success, and that is why we are promoting it again! But don't delay: The special pricing is only valid until November 30th.

Make sure to continue reading below to check out all the details on the special Marking Box discount from Phoenix Contact. 

Meanwhile, if Numatic Engineering can help bring valuable new automation solutions to your business, please contact us. We won't drop the ball!


Steve Leach
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Marking Box Promotion

Don't Miss Out on This Deal: Save $2,200 on the Phoenix Contact Marking Box System!
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Phoenix Contact's nifty all-inclusive, low-cost printing system is called the Marking Box, and they are offering an unprecedented discount on this amazing bundled system of hardware and software. 

Check out this video introduction to Marking Box

The Marking Box system consists of two printers (Thermomark Card and Thermomark Roll) along with a preloaded laptop computer that has all the software and drivers you'll need to print a wide range of labels and markers for all products in and around the industrial control cabinet.

This system handles all types of marking jobs, including terminal block marking, shrink sleeves, wire wraps and many sizes and colors of adhesive labels. The Thermomark Card printer produces high-quality printing on rigid cards or flexible sheets in less than 8 seconds, and Thermomark Roll can print configured shrink sleeves or save on costs by using endless shrink sleeves.

And here's the big news on the Marking Box system: 
For a limited time, with the purchase of a minimum of $500 of Thermomark Roll material,
Phoenix Contact is offering this system at a discounted price of $1,500,
which is $2,200 OFF the list price of $3,700!

LIST PRICE: $3,700
SALE PRICE: $1,500

If you agree that the Marking Box system is ideal for your marking and labeling needs, please contact us by email or call
Numatic Engineering at (818) 768-1200 to take advantage 
of this amazing deal!

5147101 Marking Box EN kit includes: 


*Thermomark Card printer model 5146464 for terminal block markers, wire markers and 

equipment labels on a rigid card or flexible sheet format. 

*Thermomark Roll printer model 5146477 for traditional roll material such as shrink 

sleeves, wire wraps and adhesive labels. 

*Dell Latitude laptop computer preloaded with Windows 7 and Clip Project Professional 


*All necessary ink ribbons and connecting cables 


***  This is a special promotional price valid only until November 30, 2011  *** 



Promotional price requires a minimum purchase of $500 of Thermomark Roll material at standard prices. Thermomark Card printer material is also available but does not apply toward the $500 minimum material purchase. 

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