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October 2010

Fall Greetings, Everyone!

It's been a while since our last newsletter — Numabot begged us for an end-of-summer break so we let him have one, but as you'll see in this month's video, he's back up to his regular mischief and stuffing the fall season with plenty of activity.

By now everyone's kids and grandkids are back in school, and just when you've had time to take a deep breath, Halloween is already around the corner and along with it the run-up to the busy holiday season. Busy, busy busy. Whatever your situation, we know this economy has everyone working harder than ever.

The good news is, the experts are telling us the recession is over, but of course we all know many months of hard work still remain ahead. Here at Numatic Engineering, we are poised to help our customers navigate through this time, whether we're providing application support, value- added services or equipment to help them with assembly and manufacturing.

Please let us know if we can help you!

Meanwhile, there's a major trade show, called the Pack Expo, coming up Oct. 31-Nov. 3 in Chicago, and many of our friends — vendors, customers and more — are attending (www.packexpo.com). The following are among those attending and hosting vendor booths:

Pack Expo International 2010 has it all in packaging and processing innovations on the industry's most dynamic show floor. Go home with the trends, technologies and integrated solutions you need to maximize your manufacturing operations.

If you're able to attend the Pack Expo, please make sure to drop by their booths and say hello!

All the best,
Steve Leach
[email protected]

Let Mitsubishi Help You
Follow the Sun

Funny thing about solar panels: They don't work unless they receive sunlight.

In fact, industry experts have concluded that the ability of a solar panel to "track" the sun — following the sun's path throughout the day — has a significant impact on the cost efficiency of energy produced by photovoltaic solar panels.

That's where Mitsubishi Electric's innovative solar panel tracking systems come in. This equipment, used in conjunction with solar panels, provides horizontal axis tracking, vertical axis tracking, polar tracking and two-axis mount tracking. In other words, with Mitsubishi's Solar Tracking Control systems, your solar panels are always at just the right angle to maximize the energy produced by available sunlight.

This will help improve your solar panels' Levelized Cost of Energy, which has become the primary measuring stick for solar panel efficiency. It takes into account the overall cost of energy through the life of solar panels, and panels that are equipped to track the sun have been found to have a better LCoE than those that are not.

So, if you'd like to get the most possible juice out of a solar panel installation, call Numatic Engineering today at (800) 247-2957 to find out how we can put Mitsubishi's Solar Tracking Control systems to work for you.

See more info on this product here.


Phoenix Contact: Yes, It DOES Cook Lunch, Too!

Numatic Engineering is scheduled to host a very special guest on Dec. 7: The Phoenix Contact EL Camino will visit us (time and location TBA). This one-of-a-kind EL Camino is a fully restored and customized 1970 El Camino equipped with active demonstrations of industrial components and connectors.

Billed as the "ultimate IP67 solution," Phoenix Contact's El Camino sports 18-inch rims and a full range of heavy-duty connectors for power and data. It's loaded with wireless Bluetooth, two industrial PC's, GPS navigation, twin DVD players, DirecTV and XM satellite radio.

With a 32-inch HDTV, Wii gaming system and 48,000- btu grill, it's also the ultimate tailgating vehicle! As Phoenix Contact proudly points out, yes, this is the one hot rod that CAN do everything.

Watch next month's newsletter for more details on the El Camino's visit.

See more info on this product here.

SMC Is Giving Away iPads and
iPhones at Expo!

Here's an incentive to
visit SMC Corporation
of America at the Pack
Expo in Chicago:
They're raffling off
iPhones and iPads
every day!

SMC is also offering free registration for the Food and Packaging Expo, which is a great place to see all that SMC has to offer. Their lineup includes a wide range of products that are engineered to meet applications in every sector of the market, including hygienic and washdown applications. The good people at SMC have already told us they're looking forward to seeing friends of Numatic Engineering at the Expo, so please give them our best!

If you'd like to take advantage of SMC's free Pack Expo registration offer, visit the Pack Expo website (www.packexpo.com) and follow these instructions:

• Click on "Register."
• Enter code 84R89 as the "Registration Type" and your fee will be waived prior to checkout.

The free registration offer is valid for online preregistration only, so make sure you plan ahead!

And, speaking of planning, if you think SMC's packaging automation products will help make your operation more efficient, please give us a call at (800) 247-2957!

See more info on this product here


Balluff Sensors Reduce Downtime By Automating The Changeover.

Balluff Sensors Worldwide offers an excellent array of products that reduce downtime and improve efficiency. Case in point: The Balluff Multi-Position Pusher for Case Packing.

The idea behind this machine is to increase flexibility and reduce the cost of planned downtime by automating the changeover of a case packer or cartoner. Balluff's innovative packer uses a linear position transducer with an air cylinder to produce a continuous position, closed-loop system capable of handling an infinite number of cartons and sizes.

This enables the Balluff pusher not only to operate more efficiently, with less wasted motion than a traditional pusher, but also to significantly reduce the downtime by automating the changeover process from one packaging task to the next.

At Numatic Engineering, we love machines that make things simpler and more efficient for our customers. If the Balluff Multi-Position Pusher might do the trick for your operation, please call us at (800) 247-2957 to find out how we can bring this solution to you!

See more info on this product here.

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