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Pneumatic Automation Components

Numatic Engineering Specializes in Pneumatic Systems

Numatic Engineering is your premier resource for pneumatic automation components and value added services. As our name suggests, we specialize in pneumatic products. From air cylinders and directional control valves, to shock absorbers, rate control devices, aluminum framing and tie rod cylinders we have the products to suit any application. We work with your ideas to create complete solutions, and not just parts. We have the application knowledge and expertise to assist you in your design.

Pneumatic automation components are still today the most cost-effective, reliable means of creating motion. We’ve applied pneumatic components for over fifty years, ensuring we have the highest skill level across a wide range of industrial markets. Numatic Engineering partners with world class suppliers whose brand names you trust, including Bimba, 80/20, Proportion-Air, Enidine and SMC—the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic automation products.

Types Pneumatic Automation Components:

At Numatic Engineering, we represent, stock, and distribute a broad range of pneumatic automation components. Our daily cycle counting helps guarantee accuracy for same day shipping from our inventory.

Combined with our Assembly Manufacturing services, we can supply you with customized sub-assemblies, built to your specifications, tested and delivered on time.

Contact us by filling out our online form or call us today at (800) NUMATIC (686-2842). We can help.