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Power Supplies Electronic Automation Power Supply

Numatic Engineering partners with Phoenix Contact to provide the best in power supplies. Phoenix Contact's wide range of DIN rail mount, industrial, general purpose and uninterruptible power supplies delivers reliable, efficient system power.

Industrial-grade, DIN rail-mount power supplies include the QUINT and MINI series. With features like Power Boost, expanded temperature ranges and extensive safety approvals, these power supplies give optimal performance for industrial applications.

With surge and lightening protection built right in, your machines will experience less downtime and maintenance and additionally have fewer burnouts than industrial power supplies without the overload protection.

If an application does not require the robust features of our industrial power supplies, then choose TRIO or STEP general purpose power supplies. These DIN rail-mount power supplies come equipped with the same power quality as our industrial power supplies, but without the additional enhanced feature costs.

Power supplies from Phoenix Contact are for use with many application and industries products including directional control valves, programmable controllers, control panels, and proportional control valves.

Phoenix Contact TRABTECH Surge Protection:

Power Surge Protection
Power Protection available capabilities include AC surge protection and DC surge protection. Power surge protection is the ideal solution for continuous short duration voltage or current impulses. They provide surge protection for electrical panels and control cabinets. The device can be externally mounted if space is of concern. They are utilized for photovoltaic/solar, telecommunication, cell towers and off-grid applications.

Instrumentation and Control Surge Protection
These surge protection products are available in a vast array of designs and implementations. They are utilized in sensitive electronic equipment for signal processing, signal voltage and transmission frequency. Measurement and control signals include discrete signals, analog signals, 3 and 4 wire signals, 120 VAC discrete signals and intrinsically safe circuits.

Wireless/Coaxial Surge Protection
These surge protection products are for use with wireless, video, TV and radio applications. They are the ideal solution for industrial radios utilizing point-to-point or multipoint-to-point applications. Outdoor antennas are subject to lightening strikes or other elemental voltage surges. They are a great solution for video monitoring and surveillance.

Data Surge Protection
Data surge protection is an ideal solution for telecom and industrial bus systems. Transients entering through data and telecommunication pathways cause serious physical damage. They also interrupt data processing, preventing information from reaching its desired recipient. Available capabilities include hybrid protection circuits, DIN rail mounting, hard wired interface and analog phone line protection.

For more information regarding power supply options from Phoenix Contact, contact us! You can call us at 800-AIR-CYLS to schedule a “Lunch & Learn” where we will help you determine the best surge protection for your challenging applications. Through our Application Engineering and Assembly Manufacturing services, we will show you how to apply the right surge protection products to your operations. At Numatic Engineering, our applicable knowledge of the full line of Phoenix Contact products is transferred to our customers through our valuable training sessions.