Preassembled Entry Level Machine Table Vise

The vise on the machine table is one of the most important components next to the robot and gripper.

PGS3 Vise Infographic

The PGS3 vise is an entry level clamp designed for the high mix, low volume job shops that want to adopt automation. This cost-competitive vise will allow you to offer a high-quality workholding solution while still accommodating tight budget constraints. Preassembled with an adapter plate, the PGS3 is prepared to mount directly to the machine table and is well suited for light duty machining.

Pneumatically operated 2-jaw clamping force block with VERO-S interface for automated metal cutting of small components. These are available with standard jaw stroke and long stroke.


  • Integrated console plate: Direct mounting on machine tables, dividing heads, as well as VERO-S clamping modules with anti-twist protection
  • Ready for immediate use: Due to lateral air connections on the clamping force block
  • Base body made of light aluminum: Highly combinable with easy machining and simple automation
  • Low height: Maximum use of the machine room and maximum rigidity of the system
  • Optimized outside contour: For best side access and optimal chip falling
  • Cubic design: Ideal for 6-sided machining with 2 set-ups on 4-axis machines
  • High efficiency of the wedge hook system: Process-reliable clamping due to high clamping forces
  • Precision wedge hook clamping force block for top-quality demands: Allows excellent machining processes
  • Optimal jaw support due to the use of a very long base jaw guidance: Allows high clamping forces at a long service life