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Universal Robots

Universal Robots ... Precise.  Collaborative.  Easy to use.


From the small machine shop to the auto assembly line, Universal Robots spans a multitude of industries. For anyone who makes a product and seeks to automate production they can help you do it faster, easier, and more affordability.

All robots are not created equal ...

Most robots are big, expensive and clunky.  Universal Robots has developed a highly-specialized, low-cost robotic arm to streamline your production process.  Like an extra colleague, the robot can work right alongside employees with no safety guarding.  The user-friendly software is a cinch to learn and installation can be done in under an hour.

So, whether it is capping jars at a food and beverage factory, packing small parts into assembly boards or tightening screws at an automotive facility, Universal Robots are on the cutting edge of industrial automation.

Want to see how Universal Robots work and how they can help make your production process more efficient? Watch these video's:

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ROLLON linear rails, telescopic rails and linear actuators are mechanical components used to control movements with different variables and complexity. They are used in many industrial sectors. This is why each Rollon product has been designed to meet the exact requirements of the end application. Light weight, load capacity, self-alignment, corrosion resistance, speed, and precision: each industry has specific requirements carefully considered by Rollon’s R&D department in order to provide custom solutions.
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L Series

QC Industries is the leader in low profile belt conveyors through innovative designs that outperform and outlast the competition.  More than 30 years ago, our founder took a close, careful look at the needs of our customer base and built a conveyor well ahead of its time.  Today we put that same attention and care into every product we manufacture.

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