RCX Add-On Instructions (AOIs) for Logix 5000 PLCs

Yamaha designed add-on instructions (AOIs) make for a seamless integration into Logix 5000 platform PLCs such as Compactlogix and Controllogix processors. Now any Yamaha robot can be programmed in native RS Logix 5000 software using only ladder logic to sequence a robot or single-axis slide. No additional training of personal to learn Yamaha programming methods. Utilize the skill set of existing technicians and engineers by programming Yamaha robots in ladder logic. Over 50+ AOI instruction blocks are available for Yamaha RCX series controllers. Contact Yamaha today to learn more information about using our FREE AOI instruction blocks. If you recently purchased a Yamaha robot, and looking for the AOI manuals and library files, please contact us at [email protected] to setup a Customer Account where you can download the AOIs.

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