RFID for Cobot Intelligence

RFID is an evolution from the simpler presence sensors.

RFID: Tool Tracking Solutions
RFID: Tool Tracking Solutions
“Ultimately, wireless technology has boosted the brain power of robots. Think RFID from Balluff. In many applications RFID can be seen as an evolution from the simpler presence sensors. Now, instead of just identifying that something is present, we can identify with certainty what actually is present. Logic in the controls can then instruct the robot to perform a task based on the information saved in the RFID tag’s memory” says Wolfgang Kratzenberg from Balluff.

For instance, placing a tag on the end of arm tooling to identify the correct tool is being used for the correct job. In addition to a unique identifier specific to that tool, other information such as usage, maintenance and process data can be stored on the tag, as well. Basically, the reader is placed on the end of the robot arm, and the robot is instructed to look for a specific tool. When the reader identifies the correct tool the robot can couple with the tool. This ensures the correct tool is being used and it has been properly maintained and it is fit to perform the task. This is all accomplished by sending data through the air wirelessly.

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