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Cartesian Robots SCARA Robots

Numatic Engineering has been leading the competition with our involvement in electronic motion control since the late1980’s. Beginning with programmable controllers, variable frequency and servo motors we branched into robotic controls in the late 1990’s. Robots are in essence multi-axis of servo motion control integrated into one device and controller for high precision and reliability. They are mechanically self-guided minimizing the need to design supporting mechanisms. Going with this advanced incorporated solution saves time and money during the design manufacturing of equipment. Robots have been commercially built for over 30 years and are commonplace in manufacturing. Numatic Engineering partners with Yamaha and Mitsubishi for some of the most reliable robotic products on the market today.


Universal Robots :

Revolutionary…….. the simplicity of the Universal Robot, allows you to automate almost any process, with an average ROI of 180 days. By investing in these collaborative robots, you can help reduce your costs, optimize production, and improve overall performance, all which will help you to stay competitive in the market place. These robots are designed to imitate human like motions so they are able to do tasks that previous robots couldn’t do. Safe, reliable, cost effective......only from Universal Robots!

From small tasks, to large tasks, Universal Robots offers 3 sizes of robots to meet your specific needs:

  • UR3 Robot
    • Handles up to 6.6 lbs
    • Reach of 19.7 inches
    • Repeatability +/- 0.0039”
  • UR5 Robot
    • Handles up to 11 lbs
    • Reach of 33.5 inches
    • Repeatability +/- 0.0039”
  • UR10 Robot
    • Handles up to 22 lbs
    • Reach of 51 inches
    • Repeatability +/- 0.0039”

From small tasks, to large tasks, Universal Robots offers 3 sizes of robots to meet your specific needs:

  • Easy Programming – Teach the move, not weeks of writing code
  • Fast Set up - easily integrated into existing production
  • Flexible Re-Deployment
  • Safe - Collaborative Technology, works alongside personnel. Safety assessment required.
  • Fastest Payback in the Industry

Interested in learning more about a Universal Robot and how they can benefit your company. Selection is easy, just give us a call today! We have demo robots and stock on hand for those immediate projects.



Yamaha Robots types :

  • SCARA Robot: 4-axis
  • Cartesian Robot: 2/3/4-axis
  • Pick & Place robots: high speed 2/3-axis
  • Linear Motor Actuators

Many of Numatic Engineering’s world-class manufacturing partners are suppliers for First Robotics. The First Robotics mission is to inspire kids, ages 9-18, to become science, engineering and technology leaders. By building robotics as part of a team, kids are learning self-confidence, leadership and communication. Our First Robotics supplying companies include Bimba, SMC, 80/20 Inc. and Freelin-Wade. This program is essential to the motivation and advancement of our advancing technological future. There are many First Robotics teams competing in events across the United States that test their knowledge and skills against others.

With the cost decreasing, flexibility and reliability increasing, robotics has become one of the most efficient means in providing quality manufacturing solutions. Most Cartesian robots and SCARA robots from both Mitsubishi and Yamaha are offered in clean-room models.

Standard features include:

  • Dust and drip proof
  • Inverted Mount
  • Clean-room
  • Hand-held teach pendants
  • Programming SoftwareSCARA robots which stand for (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) is one of the most cost effective robot designs available. Numatic Engineering has acquired applicable knowledge in all forms of robotics and shares these skills and knowledge through our value add “Application Engineering” and “Assembly Manufacturing” services.


    For more information regarding robotics and other electric automation products including programmable controllers, contact us! Call 800-AIR-CYLS to schedule a training session to learn more about SCARA robots, Cartesian robots, and other robotic products.