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September 2012


 Numatic News & Information for September 2012 


 Don't Miss This Amazing Opportunity! 


When the Mitsubishi Solutions In Motion 18-wheeler rolls up to one of our seven special events, you are truly in for a treat! Kids, meet the candy store! 
The Solutions In Motion Mobile Showroom is jam-packed with automation solutions from Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc., and we're pleased to be able to bring it directly to you. The big-rig truck has dual expandable walls, creating a space of more than 510 square feet that comfortably accommodates up to 25 people at a time. Inside are interactive demonstration pods and high-definition video monitors, and a state-of-the-art assortment of gear to display Mitsubishi's products in a wide range of manufacturing applications.

Make sure you RSVP to reserve your spot at one of our seven special upcoming events, where we'll have customer appreciation giveaways and prizes, including a FREE $20 gift card for every pre-registered attendee, along with a chance to win an iPad!

We look forward to seeing you at the Solutions In Motion road show, and meanwhile, check out the info below for a preview of what you'll find inside the mobile showroom!


Steve Leach
[email protected]
A Sneak Peek Inside the Mitsubishi Mobile Showroom!

You'll See These Solutions and More
Inside the Solutions In Motion Trailer!

* Gear Mesh: Extreme Position Control


* Robot: Reduce Machine Footprint, Increase Work Envelope


* Vibration: Remove System Vibration on the Fly


* Energy: Measure, Visualize, Reduce and Manage


* E Factory: Plantfloor and Office Integration


* Engineered Solutions: Turnkey UL508 Control Panel and VFD Engineered Systems


* Advanced Solutions: Motion Control Champions  


* High Function Solution: Sequence Logic, Motion, Process, CNC and Robot CPU's All on a Single Back Plane  


* Basic Solutions: Stand-Alone Platforms, Automate Anything






RSVP Here to Attend One of Numatic Engineering's Solutions In Motion Events!


For a virtual tour of Mitsubishi's Solutions In Motion mobile showroom: Click Here
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